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22 Cute Personalised Gifts To Give This Year

Let's get personal.

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1. Monogram card holder.

mon_purse / Via

Mon Purse specialises in leather goods large and small, from backpacks to coin purses. Their personalised card holders are pretty and practical, but won't break the bank.

Price: $49


7. Coordinate jewellery.

coordinatesaustralia / Instagram / Via

Choose the ring, bracelet or necklace style, and have it engraved with coordinates that mean something to the person it's intended for.

Price: $125 (for the Ion bracelet, pictured above in black).


12. Made-to-order chocolate bars.

MANGDesigns / Via

Colours, wording and fonts can all be changed to suit the occasion. Orders contain half milk and half white chocolate bars.

Price: $2.40 (minimum order of 20 bars).


14. Colour in and comment cushion.


Colour this 100% cotton cushion to your heart's content, leaving personal messages in the banners and frames. We know there's a kid pictured here but who's to say adults can't get crafty, too?

Price: $34.95