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    18 Jan 2016

    Australia's First Ever Nutella Festival Is Coming To Adelaide

    Yes, there will be doughnuts and shakes, but also Nutella beer.

    Are you a Nutella lover? Does this make you ~feel things~?

    Well, you're not alone. A couple of Adelaide-based fans of the sweet spread have taken their devotion to the next level, creating Australia's first dedicated Nutella festival, Nutella-Palooza.

    Nutella Palooza / Via

    Event manager and true Nutella fan, Tash Weggery, tells BuzzFeed Life that inspiration for the festival came from simply wanting to “spread the happy”.

    "Honestly, we just love Nutella. We couldn't find anywhere else in Australia that held a Nutella event like this, so we thought let's do one."

    Attendees of the free, all ages festival can expect stalls selling a variety of Nutella-based goods, as well as cooking demonstrations and live music.

    Adults can look forward to Nutella cocktails, and even a Nutella beer.

    There will also be a lineup of Adelaide's finest food trucks on site to break up the inevitable sugar rush, including meatball truck Delectaballs.

    Supported by Splash Adelaide, Nutella-Palooza will be held on April 9 at Bonython Park.

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