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    17 Nutella Desserts Everyone In Sydney Needs To Try

    Because Nutella never gets old.

    1. Nutella Cheesecake from Pasticceria Papa, Haberfield and Bondi Beach

    http://billi.i.amm / Instagram / Via

    The Nutella ricotta cheesecake at Pasticceria Papa is just as delicious as it is photogenic. The Nutella bomba, an Italian style doughnut, are another must-order.

    2. Cookies and Cream Bomb from Donut Bomb

    Donut Bomb / Instagram / Via Instagram: @donutbomb

    Donut Bomb supplies cafes and caters private events with its OTT doughnuts. This one is Nutella-filled, and topped with Oreos and a cookies and cream crumble. A syringe filled with white chocolate makes it even sweeter. Donut Bomb also takes custom orders online so you can get creative with your Nutella consumption.

    3. Nutella Waffle Jar from My Sweet Boutique, Marrickville

    4. Nutella Scrolls from Oregano Bakery, Hurstville

    Oregano Bakery / Instagram / Via Instagram: @oreganobakery

    Oregano Bakery's Nutella scrolls are nothing short of a genius incarnation of sugar and carbs.

    5. Nutella Coffee from The Lab Cafe, CBD

    The Lab Cafe / Facebook / Via Facebook: TheLabCafeAustralia

    The Lab Cafe has an entire coffee menu that revolves around Nutella. Iced, espresso, latte-style - you name it, they'll add Nutella. They also sell Nutella biscuit sandwiches to enjoy with your coffee, and giant $55 jars of the good stuff, so you don't have to worry about running out.

    6. Nutella Pizza from Via Napoli, various locations

    7. Nutella Doughnuts from Fine Italian Bakery, Woodpark

    8. Nutella Doughnut topped Nutella Pizza from Rosso Pomodoro, Balmain

    9. Esprookies from Piccolo Me, CBD

    Piccolo Me / Instagram / Via

    A chocolate chip cookie cup baked in-store, topped with crushed hazelnuts and filled with espresso and Nutella. Yep. Also noteworthy: "Crotops" - a mini croissant bite filled with Nutella, designed to sit atop your piccolo latte for dunking.

    10. Nutella Babka from Brooklyn Boy Bagels, Marrickville

    11. Nutella Gelato Burger from Cremeria De Luca, Five Dock

    12. Nutella Froyo Whip from Dairee, Greenacre

    13. Nutella Cronut from The Grumpy Barista, Petersham

    14. Nutella Crostata from La Piadina, Bondi

    15. Ice Cream Sandwich from Cloud9 Chocolate Cafe, Newtown

    c9cafe / Instagram / Via

    This King Street dessert bar specialises in ice cream sandwiches. Choose cookies, brownies, blondies or waffles as your carb of choice, then choose your ice cream flavour. Then, most importantly, choose to add Nutella.

    16. Magic Muffin from Devon Cafe, Waterloo and Redfern

    Devon Cafe / Facebook / Via Facebook: Devoncafe

    Devon Cafe's Nutella and banana "magic" muffins are the, especially when fresh out of the oven. They sell out fast so get in quick.

    17. Tella Ball Milkshake from Foodcraft Espresso and Bakery, Erskineville

    Foodcraftespresso&bakery / Instagram / Via

    Now infamous Foodcraft Espresso takes a double-chocolate shake and tops it with a Nutella doughnut. Their follow-up venture, Tella Balls Dessert Bar is due to open this month.

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