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Everyone In Sydney Just Freaked Out Over This In-N-Out Burger Pop-Up

Before you get excited, it sold out before it even opened.

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Today in Sydney, LA burger chain In-N-Out hosted a one day pop-up at Surry Hills bar Dead Ringer. Naturally, people lost their shit.

Sydney, I am not proud of you today. This is the line for the In-N-Out popup, via @SydneyTimeOut

There was a one-burger-per-person rule, with wristbands given out to enforce it. Those who lined up early enough to get one flaunted them like they were exclusive VIP passes to Coachella.

Lady Gaga / Via Twitter: @search

"Early enough" as in 6am early. The hype was extreme.

coach_jarrod93 / Via

Unfortunately for many who waited in today's sweltering heat, the wristbands ran out before any burgers were even served.

People are still showing up to line up at the Sydney In-N-Out pop up. It's sold out, guys.

There will be some very disappointed souls in the Surry Hills vicinity for missing out on one of these:

Instagram: @barriochino

Better luck next time, you guys.