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There's An Epic Underground Bake Sale Coming To Sydney And Melbourne

Get out your diaries folks, because you're gonna want to pen this in.

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Close your eyes and imagine a bake sale where instead of half-melted chocolate crackles, you were blessed with tables and tables of desserts that look like this.

Instagram: @angelique197

Shut your eyes even tighter and imagine that every imaginary treat was created by one of the best bakers in the country.

Now open your eyes and start gathering your gold coins because Flour Market, the festival of sugar and carbs, is coming to Melbourne and Sydney.

Flour Market

The Sydney event will be held on February 14 at Sydney Boys High School, while the Melbourne market is scheduled for February 21 at Collingwood Town Hall.


Flour Market co-founder and director Sarah Booth told BuzzFeed Life there will be some ~exclusive~ goods sold.

Flour Market

"We've got word there'll be some items specially made for the day, so we can't wait to see those ourselves."