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29 Signs You're From Sydney's Eastern Suburbs

"What a vibe."

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5. You’ve had a crush on Malcolm for years.

8. Your first car was some kind of Mazda or VW. / Via

And you had a friend that lost their license on their P Plates for speeding up the S bends.

11. If you’re not in Europe in July, you’ll likely feel very alone. / Via

15. You’ve spent way too much money in Parisis.

But you know there's nowhere fresher.

17. In fact you pride yourself on your menu customisation skills. / Via

"I asked for my aburi salmon salad with tataki beef instead?"

19. But when you do brunch, it's at Indigo.

"We need an outside table."

20. You’ve taken countless photos on the coastal walk.

But only Instagrammed the very best.

22. But you avoid it in favour of Parsley Bay anyway.

23. Except when you’re hungover and need Olies.

Ollies is the cure.

28. You remember when White Revolver was a thing.

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