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    29 Signs You're From Sydney's Eastern Suburbs

    "What a vibe."

    1. People mock your accent.

    K-pop / Via

    And if you're not South African, your imitation is on point.

    2. You use the word "vibe" in a grammatically incorrect fashion.

    ABC Family / Via

    "This is such a vibe."

    3. You can really relate to the activewear video.

    Skit Box / Via

    4. And also the Bondi Hipsters.

    Bondi Hipsters / Facebook / Via Facebook: BondiHipsters

    "You know me I'm on the 333."

    5. You’ve had a crush on Malcolm for years.

    6. Ja'mie wasn't such a stretch of the imagination.

    Australian Broadcasting Corporation / Via

    7. You've spent many hours not studying at the Waverley Library.

    NBC / Via

    8. Your first car was some kind of Mazda or VW.

    9. You spent more Wednesday nights at The Sheaf than you’d care to admit.

    Wednesday's at the Sheaf / Facebook / Via Facebook: sheafwednesdays

    Many of them underage.

    10. You definitely know someone who’s been a delivery kid for Millenium.


    "Got fined again for parking in the bus zone."

    11. If you’re not in Europe in July, you’ll likely feel very alone.

    12. Most of your friends live at home until they're at least 25.


    "Sponging is a necessity."

    13. You’ve accepted that your Uber fare will always be the most expensive because you basically live at the end of the Earth.

    Chien Hsiao / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: chienh

    14. And you know the frustrations of having to direct the driver out of your deep suburban surrounds.

    FOX / Via

    "For fucks sake it's RIGHT to New South Head Road."

    15. You’ve spent way too much money in Parisis.

    16. Your coffee order is ridiculous.

    La Piadina / Facebook / Via Facebook: lapiadinabondi

    "Can I get a 3/4 almond milk latte?"

    17. In fact you pride yourself on your menu customisation skills.

    18. You don’t argue when your friend cancels brunch because it’s a 2-day.

    Bondi Wholefoods / Facebook / Via Facebook: 285074064903428

    "We could grab a green juice though?"

    19. But when you do brunch, it's at Indigo.

    20. You’ve taken countless photos on the coastal walk.

    21. In summer you feel like the population of Bondi triples.

    Discovery Family / Via

    22. But you avoid it in favour of Parsley Bay anyway.

    23. Except when you’re hungover and need Olies.

    24. Driving beyond the Junction in your downtime is "a trek".

    20th Century Fox / Via

    "Do I need my e-tag to get to Randwick?"

    25. The North is just out of the question.

    NBC / Via

    26. Unless you’re going to the Balmoral Boathouse.

    meganbarnett_ / Instagram / Via

    27. You blend seamlessly into the sea of white linen that is The Island.

    The Island / Facebook / Via Facebook: theislandsydney

    28. You remember when White Revolver was a thing.

    29. Thank god you have Casablanca now.

    Casablanca Bar Double Bay / Facebook / Via Facebook: casablancasydney

    "Get your keyring out."

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