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    19 Of The Very Best Restaurants For Group Dining In Sydney

    The more the merrier.

    1. The Apollo, Potts Point

    @theapollosydney / Via Instagram: @theapollosydney

    The chicken, the saganaki cheese, the taramasalata... everything is good at this perennially cool Potts Point Greek restaurant. The cavernous space can handle big groups, too. The semi-private "chefs table", which partially adjoins the kitchen, can seat up to 12.

    2. Jasmin1, Punchbowl

    @jeonsta / Via

    Jasmin1 is one of the best places to find authentic Lebanese food in Sydney. And, in the spirit of tradition, meals are generous, often served on a platter basically begging to be shared amongst friends. The restaurant space itself is large, so dining with a big group is almost encouraged. Also, Jasmin1 do what is arguably the best hummus in Sydney.

    3. China Diner, Bondi Beach

    @chinadinerbondi / Via Instagram: @chinadinerbondi

    The cosy booths at China Diner are ideal for group dinners of up to six - everyone has easy access to the dumplings and duck pancakes you'll no doubt order. If you're a bigger party however, the spacious back room can easily accommodate you.

    4. Parea Greek Tavern, Kogarah

    @allanjclarke82 / Via

    The food at Parea's Greek Tavern is geared to feed a crowd. They cater for groups of from 10 people, to up to 120, with function menus starting from $40 per person. Expect Mediterranean classics such as pita and dips, grilled octopus, mixed meat souvlaki and big bowls of salad.

    5. Chiswick, Woollahra

    chiswicksydney / Via

    The light-filled main dining room at Chiswick is a beautiful spot for a long, boozy lunch. Also, the signature Moran family lamb is a generous serve, perfect for feeding a sizeable group.

    6. LP Quality Meats, Chippendale

    @lpsqualitymeats / Via Instagram: @lpsqualitymeats

    The long, communal tables at LP's Quality Meats are geared for group dining. And you’ll probably want a pal or two to help get through the generous serves of smoked meats you’ll inevitably want to order. And don't overlook the sides such as housemade bread rolls, and mash potato and gravy.

    7. Billy Kwong, Potts Point

    @kylie_kwong / Via

    Kylie Kwong's Billy Kwong restaurant is a Sydney institution, famous for using ethically sourced, organic produce and incorporating native Australian ingredients into modern Chinese cuisine. Dishes are designed to share, so you want to go with a group to try as much as possible.

    8. Fratelli Fresh, CBD

    9. Two Chaps, Marrickville

    10. The New Dong Dong Noodles, Kingsford

    @williams3112 / Via

    The servings at Dong Dong Noodles are generous, the prices are cheap, and the atmosphere is cheerful, especially if you're with a crowd of mates. Reserve a big table in the front room, or book out the upstairs space for a ~private dining~ experience.

    11. Da Mario, Rosebery

    da_mario / Via

    Is there anything more shareable than pizza? No. Is there anything that is more all-together comforting, delicious and well-partnered with drinks? Probably not. So, take your party to Da Mario for some seriously good slices.

    12. Green Gourmet Buffet, Newtown

    13. Tapavino, CBD

    14. SoCal, Neutral Bay

    @socalsydney_ / Via

    This Southern California-inspired restaurant screams summer, from the pineapple motifs to the margaritas. The latter come in jugs, made to share with a group of mates, as is the Mexican food menu. "Feasting" packages are available for bigger groups, too.

    15. Barrio Chino, Kings Cross

    eyesofchip / Via

    Despite the sad closures of many surrounding establishments, Barrio Chino continues to be busy. The venue is basically Bayswater Road's one lasting proponent of a proper fiesta vibe. The long tables in the backroom can easily cater for large numbers.

    16. Toko, Surry Hills

    @tokosydney / Via

    The backroom at Modern Japanese restaurant Toko on Crown Street is only partially secluded, so you can still enjoy the feeling of a private party while still soaking up the restaurant's atmosphere, which is always lively. It seats a minimum of 12 guests.

    17. Vapiano, CBD

    @mag__loves / Via

    Vapiano's chip card system means you don't have to worry about the hassle of splitting a bill. You're given a card that you charge all your food and drink to when ordering from the bar, or from the pizza, pasta and salad stations. Then, you just pay at the end. Now there's a crowd pleaser.

    18. Golden Century, Haymarket

    19. Churrasco, Coogee

    @churrasco_brazilian_style_bbq / Via

    If you want to eat a shitload of meat, Churrasco's got you covered. You pay $49 per person and the waiters just keep. on. coming. with different plates of Brazilian BBQ meats, salads and antipasto items 'til you tell them (or beg them) to stop.

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