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21 Truths For Everyone Obsessed With Sweetgreen

Long lines be damned.

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1. You never thought you'd be someone who dreamed about salad, but now you spend all morning thinking of nothing else.

Paramount Television / Via

2. You've even tried to re-create it at home, but somehow it just isn't the same.

moni_so / Twitter / Via Twitter: @moni_so

3. Your weekly food bill is basically 80% Sweetgreen.

Internet Famous / Via

4. But you tell yourself that it's OK because you're basically saving the planet.

I C U, locally sourced ingredients
Hannah Mars / BuzzFeed

I C U, locally sourced ingredients

5. The lines are absurd and you literally DGAF.

Hannah Mars / BuzzFeed

6. Because you know it's the best place to people-watch.

annakhachiyan / Twitter / Via Twitter: @annakhachiyan

7. No matter how often you go, you're always overwhelmed by the possibilities.

sweetgreen / Instagram / Via Instagram: @sweetgreen

8. But then your custom salads always end up tasting the same, because you add all of your favorite ingredients every time.

Comedy Central / Via

9. Every once in a while you order off the actual menu and discover a new go-to.

#TFW when you're reunited with bae (aka a @sweetgreen Earth Bowl):

10. You actually get excited about the new ingredients that come with a seasonal change.

john jannuzi / Twitter / Via Twitter: @johnjannuzzi

11. But also feel personally victimized when they replace one of your fave ingredients.

grayisaacs / Twitter / Via Twitter: @grayisaacs

12. Or worse, your favorite salad.

Bravo / Via

13. You definitely have a favorite employee. They toss your salad like no other.

Beets Don't Kale My Vibe.
coralie_mclean / Twitter / Via Twitter: @search

Beets Don't Kale My Vibe.

14. You secretly love those endearing little menu puns.

Hannah Mars / BuzzFeed

15. And you're down for a desk lunch if it looks like this.

Hannah Mars / BuzzFeed

16. Same goes for a perfect couch dinner.

helloamyhunt / Twitter / Via Twitter: @helloamyhunt

17. You know that if you add avocado to your salad and say yes to bread, you can essentially make free avo toast.

lp_potter / Instagram / Via

18. You enjoy going to Sweetgreen because it's decorated far better than your actual apartment.

annaottum / Via

19. In fact, to you, Sweetgreen is basically a work of art.

brandlinkdc / Instagram / Via

20. And you're not afraid to show your love for it.

colbykeller / Instagram / Via Twitter: @colbykeller

21. ~NO REGRETS~ 🍃

Hannah Mars / BuzzFeed

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