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18 Milkshakes Australians Went Crazy For In 2015

Our milkshakes were better than yours.

1. Pâtissez - Manuka, ACT

@patissez / Via Instagram: @patissez

Patissez pioneered the ​˜freakshake˜​ trend. One example of the way they took dairy drinks to a whole new level is this banoffee shake, which includes roasted banana, caramel, and butterscotch whipped cream.

2. Brewristas - Glebe, NSW

@ifat23 / Via

This Japanese-inspired shake is flavoured with green tea powder matcha and topped with poky sticks.

3. Whisk Creamery - Perth, WA

http://@xo.jiezl.ox / Via

Whisk Creamery defies gravity with this shake, successfully stacking a cronut, whipped cream, chocolate shards and a macaron.

4. Naughty Boy - Carlton North, VIC

@kayladebondt / Via

Involving everything from torched meringue to entire gluten-free brownies, some would call these shakes naughty, others would say they're really damn nice. You be the judge.

5. Daisy's Milkbar - Petersham, NSW

@daisysmilkbar / Via

This super cute diner, inspired by the 1950s, serves old-school shakes with cherries on top.

6. Bitter Suite - New Farm, QLD

@bittersuitebris / Via

Bitter Suite's shakes are a total upgrade from the kind you were used to as a kid. Take for example, the above chocolate and peanut butter creation.

7. XS Espresso - Wetherill Park, NSW

@4foodssake / Via

The shakes at XS Espresso are almost too pretty to drink. Almost.

8. Johnny Pump - Essendon, VIC

@johnny_pump_ / Via

Yes, that is a tiny slice of pie on top of a key lime milkshake. Tiny versions of desserts tend to garnish the shakes at Johnny Pump.

9. St Louis House of Fine Ice Cream & Dessert - Adelaide, SA

@kiarabrewer / Via

Salted caramel and waffles are served inside a shake, and you probably won't want to eat them any other way again.

10. Hoo Ha Bar - South Brisbane, QLD

cheekymikee / Via

Hoo Ha Bar blend all the cosy flavours of apple pie into a cool shake, spiked with salted caramel and topped with cinnamon.

11. Honey Badger Dessert Cafe - Hobart, TAS

@hbdessertcafe / Via

This exclusively-desserts cafe makes a super pretty berry, lime, cheesecake shake.

12. Candied Bakery - Spotswood, VIC

@missjordi / Via

Thought chocolate crackles couldn't be improved? Try them in milkshake form.

13. Chester Street Bakery & Bar - Newstead, QLD

naomi_tobby / Via

Chester Street Bakery is the sister venue to Doughnut Time, which explains why they top their shakes with adorable mini doughnuts.

14. BOY & Co - Malvern, VIC

@boyshakes / Via

BOY & Co make shakes and fries. One is literally made to be dipped into the other. Don't knock it till you try it.

15. The Vogue Cafe - Macquarie Park, NSW

@thevoguecafemq / Via

The Vogue Cafe doesn't hold back. If you want a waffle cone, red frogs and Kit Kat atop your milkshake, this is the place for you.

16. Sapore Espresso - Perth, WA

@saporeespressobar / Via

This rainbow creation will melt the hearts of all the bubblegum lovers out there.

17. Stripey Sundae - Nicholls, ACT

blairelauren / Via

Any of the locally made ice cream flavours at the Stripey Sundae parlour, such as salted butter caramel, can be made into a shake and served in an old fashioned glass.

18. Foodcraft Espresso - Erskineville, NSW

@foodcraftespresso / Via

This cafe is famous for their "tella ball" shakes - chocolate milkshakes topped with a nutella-filled doughnut.

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