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11 Things Hannah Tinnin Might Be Doing On Any Given Day

Want to know more about this aspiring PR professional? This daily dose of all things average might help.

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Waking Up to "Suddenly I See" by KT Tunstall

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What's better than waking up feeling like a superwoman from The Devil Wears Prada? This early 2000s jam wakes her up feeling startled, motivated and ready to spell 'Gabbana.'

Understanding every person she meets by labeling them as a Friends character

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There's a HUGE difference between being a Rachel and being a Monica... This handy quirk helped Hannah and her roommates define their cleaning habits.

Checking *every* social media account for the latest news

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Local weather, international politics, the latest influencer vid, her friend's Snap Story... She's got the scoop by noon CST.

Working out and eating well

AwesomeGiFs / Via

CrossFit is her fave, but when there are too many meetings going on during the day, a nice round of cardio will do. That way she can catch up on the news.

Inserting Elf quotes into every possible life situation

Quick Meme / Via

Professor- "The paper is due on Thursday."

Hannah *turns to friend in class and whispers*- "Thursday... THURSDAY!"

...She has an affinity for elf culture.

Diving into a good book

Hannah Tinnin

With such a fast-paced lifestyle, Hannah finds peace and quiet through reading. Next on her list? "Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead" by Sheryl Sandberg.

Working day and night with her second family

Scott Patrick Myers Photography

When you log 300 hours over the course of one semester, you get pretty close. This talented crew is her #2, and they have pushed her to be the best teammate and professional she can be. Read all about the work Hannah does on MOJO Ad here:

Setting new goals for herself

If there's one word to describe Hannah, it's ambitious. When she sets a goal, she will do everything in her power to see it through. No matter if that means late nights, personal improvement, long hours, sweat or tears, there's no stopping her and her passion for life.

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