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    23 Times Main Characters Were Written Off TV Shows And Basically Ruined The Show

    "You don’t continue a show when the person the show is about in the first place is gone."

    A while back, I wrote about the best and worst TV character departures, and people had a lottttt of thoughts in the comments. So I'm back with 23 more character departures that people just can't stand!


    1. Ruby on Once Upon A Time


    2. Cristina on Grey's Anatomy

    Cristina in scrubs

    3. Eric on That '70s Show

    Eric at work

    4. Fiona on Shameless


    5. Michael on Jane The Virgin


    6. Lucas and Peyton on One Tree Hill

    Lucas and Peyton in the comet about to leave town

    7. Troy on Community

    Troy with his puppet

    8. Elena on The Vampire Diaries

    Elena in her magical coma

    9. Dave on Gilmore Girls

    Dave talking to Lane

    10. Cuddy on House

    Cuddy smiling

    11. Gina on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    Gina with her arms crossed

    12. Glenn on The Walking Dead

    Glenn with wide eyes

    13. Carmen on The L Word


    14. Lexa on The 100

    Lexa with a spear

    15. Andy on Modern Family

    Andy and Haley

    16. The Originals on The Vampire Diaries

    17. Abbie on Sleepy Hollow

    Abby with a flashlight in an alley

    18. Charlie on Two and a Half Men

    Charlie sitting on the couch with a beer

    19. Reyna on Nashville

    Reyna in the hospital

    20. Dr. Melendez on The Good Doctor

    Melendez in a hospital bed

    21. Rick on The Walking Dead


    22. Crowley on Supernatural

    Crowley with his hands clasped

    23. And finally, Lexie and Mark on Grey's Anatomy

    Lexie and Mark clapping

    What other characters ruined a TV show by leaving? Let us know in the comments below!

    Submissions have been edited for length/clarity.