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11 Character Departures That Ruined The Show And 10 That Actually Made It Better

Good riddance, Mark Brendanawicz and Elena Gilbert.

It happens in every long-running show: Actors want to leave a show, so their characters are written off.

Sometimes, character departures breathe fresh life into the show! But other times, a character's departure is so unwarranted and frustrating that it actually makes you stop watching the show.

Below are 10 times that character exits helped shows, and 11 times they hurt!

1. Hurt: Allison on Teen Wolf

Allison tells Scott she loves him

2. Helped: Mark on Parks and Recreation

Mark gives Leslie his plans for the park before he leaves

3. Hurt: Alex on Grey's Anatomy

Meredith cries reading Alex's letter, which says she's his best friend but he's where he should be

4. Helped: Lucas and Peyton on One Tree Hill

Lucas and Peyton in Peyton's car driving out of Tree Hill

5. Hurt: Coach on New Girl

Coach saying goodbye to the roommates outside the apartment

6. Helped: Vanessa on Gossip Girl

the literary agent asks why Barcelona, and Vanessa says nothing's keeping her in New York

7. Hurt: Michael Scott on The Office

Pam hugs Michael goodbye

8. Helped: Robb and Catelyn on Game of Thrones

9. Hurt: All the characters in Once Upon a Time (except Henry and Regina)

all the characters eating at Gran's Diner

10. Helped: Elena from The Vampire Diaries

11. Hurt: Derek on Grey's Anatomy

Derek right before his car crash

12. Helped: Ethan on 90210

13. Hurt: Charlie on Lost

Charlie in the water before he drowns with his hand up against the window — he's written "Not Penny's boat" on it

14. Helped: Beck on You

the author's page of Beck's book

15. Hurt: Caleb on Pretty Little Liars

Caleb telling Hannah he has to go and she has to say, because it's best for both of them

16. Helped: Skye on 13 Reasons Why

Skye says she can let Clay go and still love him, and that she'll always love him

17. Hurt: Andy on Modern Family

Andy looking back at Haley at the airport

18. Helped: Mutt on Schitt's Creek

Mutt during Alexis and his breakup

19. Hurt: Marissa on The O.C.

20. Helped: Pierce on Community

21. And, finally, hurt: the Originals on The Vampire Diaries

Did I miss any? What do you think about the examples above? Let me know in the comments!