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18 Wildly Creepy And Unnerving Hollywood Facts That, No Lie, I Kind Of Wish I Didn't Know

I'm never going to see the turtle scene from Master of Disguise the same way again.

1. Oliver Robins, who played Robbie in Poltergeist, was actually being strangled in the clown scene.

2. The film Caine changed its name to Shark after a stuntperson was killed by a shark during filming. They then used photos of the accident to promote the film.

Poster for the film using an excerpt from an article about the accident

3. The Lone Gunman predicted not only 9/11 but also conspiracy theories about its cause.

Melvin and Richard at a computer

4. Also in relation to 9/11 — the Master of Disguise cast and crew were apparently informed of the events while filming the turtle scene. After a moment of silence, they continued filming.

5. Two young children and a veteran actor were killed when a helicopter crashed into them on the set of Twilight Zone: The Movie.

6. This Pearl Harbor scene from Tora! Tora! Tora! featuring people running from an exploding plane happened by accident. This wasn't supposed to happen, and the stuntpeople running from the flames were really running for their lives.

7. Isla Fisher almost drowned for real while filming the water tank scene in Now You See Me.

8. And that scene when Diane falls in the muddy pool, only to find herself surrounded by skeletons? Well, turns out they were real human skeletons — which no one told actor JoBeth Williams about.

9. Judith Eva Barsi, the child actor who most famously voiced Ducky in Land Before Time, was murdered by her father at the age of 10.

10. A creepy Sesame Street segment from the '70s called "Cracks" was lost until a man named Jon Armond began to search for it after remembering being traumatized by it as a kid. After years of searching, he received a fax from an unknown, untraceable number promising to send him the segment as long as he agreed never to screen it in public, post it online, or send it to anyone else. He agreed and found a copy of the segment in his mailbox.

"The crack just growled instead and made himself very big and mean. He said, 'I am crack master!' But just then, the wall of plaster began to crumble to the floor" with a little girl and wall crack creatures watching

11. The ending of the thriller Sliver almost caused the death of three people when they accidentally crashed into a volcano.

Helicopter flying into volcano

12. The set for the home of Regan and her mother in The Exorcist mysteriously burned down before filming one morning. However, Regan's bedroom set was apparently untouched.

Regan's head turning in her bedroom

13. Paul Bateson, an extra who played a radiological technologist in The Exorcist, was later convicted of the murder of film critic Addison Verrill.

Bateson in the film

14. Three members of the cast and crew of The Omen were plagued by strange lightning while filming.

Gregory Peck in the film

15. And special effects artist John Richardson was in a car crash that decapitated his assistant a year after doing the makeup for The Omen's decapitation scene.

Richardson at an awards show

16. Stuntperson Alf Joint — who had worked on The Omen — was seriously injured filming a routine roof-jumping stunt on the film A Bridge Too Far. In the hospital, he said it felt as if he'd been pushed.

Alf on set of a film

17. Though the film did not include it, the No Country for Old Men novel featured the line, “Here a while back in San Antonio they shot and killed a federal judge.” This was likely referring to Charles Harrelson's 1979 murder of Judge John Howland Wood. Charles Harrelson's son? Woody Harrelson, who was one of the film's stars.

18. And finally, The Simpsons has predicted a lot over the years, which the creators feel is mostly just educated guessing. However, they have no real explanation for this creepy brochure Lisa holds that seems to be a reference to 9/ an episode that aired in 1997.

Lisa holding a brochure advertising something for $9 with the Twin Towers, looking like an "11," in the background

What behind-the-scenes Hollywood facts always freak YOU out? Let us know in the comments!