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    Just 17 Reasons "Tangled" Is The Best Disney Film Of All Time, In Honor Of Its Anniversary

    *Sigh* Just waiting for my own personal Eugene Fitzherbert.

    It has officially been 10 years since Tangled — the BEST Disney movie — came into our lives, changing them forever, no doubt.

    Because I truly do not believe that Tangled gets its due, I have compiled a list of all the reasons it's the best. Read on to see!

    Spoilers ahead, I guess?

    1. It has one of the best intros.

    2. Rapunzel's hair is the best computer animation I have ever seen.

    3. Mandy Moore was born to be a Disney princess.

    4. Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert is the best Disney prince of all time, and I will fight you about this.

    5. And his relationship with Rapunzel is a beautiful thing.

    6. Tangled's music was written by Alan Menken, who scored all of your fave Disney films.

    posters for Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, and Tangled, with the words "scored by the same person"

    7. Tangled has some of the best animal sidekicks...

    8. Tangled is absolutely hilarious.

    9. ...but also incredibly dark.

    10. Along with that, the villain is one of the most complicated and interesting Disney villains.

    11. And her relationship with Rapunzel is not at all black and white.

    Rapunzel reaching out for Gothel

    12. Rapunzel is a super-strong, powerful Disney princess who triumphs over the villain in an empowering way.

    13. She also doesn't need Flynn — and her happy ending is not him.

    14. With Tangled, we finally got a Disney film where the parents weren't dead!

    15. The animation of the landscapes and backgrounds is truly amazing.

    16. The mood coloring in Tangled is just SO good.

    17. And finally, it was good enough to spawn an ENTIRE TV SHOW.