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Which Minor TV Character Deserved A Bigger Role?


Many shows have a huge ensemble cast and, understandably, they can't delve deeply into each of their lives.


But some characters were just criminally pushed aside on TV and 100% deserved more screen time.


Like Mike on Glee, who was SO adorable and an AMAZING dancer and barely got any plotlines.


Justice for Mike!!

Or Rose and Bernard on Lost, who had the most beautiful love story and were unfairly sidelined.


When they reunited after everyone said Bernard was dead, I cried.

Maybe you wish we saw more of Orin on Parks and Recreation, because he was just so strange.


Every time he was on the show was comedy gold.

Or maybe you wish Danny wasn't written off Teen Wolf just when we discovered he knew about werewolves.


I'm still mad about this one. They could've had so many great storylines with him.

Now it's your turn! Let us know in the comments which minor TV character you felt should've had more screen time and WHY and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!