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Tell Us The Most BS Rule You Had To Follow When You Worked Service Or Retail

The fact that cashiers can't sit down is a CRIME.

If you've ever worked retail or service, you know there are some really stupid rules you have to follow.

Most places in America don't allow cashiers to sit down. For literally no reason.

A lot of places also don't allow you to have a drink with you at your station. Like, you can't be at the fitting room with a water bottle or sealed coffee cup.

Some places have really strict rules about when you can use the bathroom or take a break. They may also have rules about proving how sick you are before you're allowed to call out.

Other workplaces have rules about what you can wear or even what color your hair can be, or they don't allow piercings or tattoos.

There's a whole slew of stupid things to follow when you work in retail, service, or a similar industry like hospitality. So if you've ever worked one of these jobs, we want to hear from you! Tell us the stupidest rule you had to follow at your job, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.