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What's The Most Embarrassingly Entitled Thing A Wannabe Influencer Has Done?

Having a few thousand followers does not make you famous...

With the rise of social media stars over the past decade, it feels more and more like *anyone* can be famous.

But...I think we all know someone who let a little "fame" — maybe a few viral TikToks or a respectable following on Instagram — get to their head.

If you know, work with, or even just have had an experience with a wannabe influencer who thought they were famous and thus entitled to free things, attention, and special treatment, we want to hear alllll about it.

Tell us all their entitled behaviors — did they demand free food from your restaurant because they have a food blog with a thousand viewers a month?

Is your friend a TikToker who does viral dances in public places and then gets mad when no one recognizes them?

Does your sister live-blog EVERY MINUTE of your family vacation and constantly make everyone take photos for her social media...then pretend she paid for the entire thing herself?

Whatever your experience is, we want to hear about it! Let us know your stories in the comments below — or via this anonymous form — and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.