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People Who Have Spent Time With The 1%, What's The Most Out Of Touch Comment Or Question They've Had About Money?

Ah, to be rich.

In your life, you have probably been unfortunate or fortunate enough to meet a rich person — depending on what they were like.

Even the most well-meaning rich people can be hopelessly clueless about the actual cost of living.

For example, your wealthy CEO may think $10 an hour is enough to live on in a major city.

Or your mother-in-law from Malibu might ask you to casually pick up sushi from Katsuya for a family of 12 on a nurse's salary.

Or maybe your tech guru friend asks why you can't just take time off and pay thousands of dollars to go on their lavish vacation.

Maybe you've got a colleague who comes from money that estimates that basic necessities are either close to free, or way more expensive than they actually are.

Whatever wild things you've heard rich people say that prove just how out of touch they are, we want to hear them! Let us know in the comments below and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!