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Tell Us About A Problematic Disney Channel/Nick Moment Or Scene That Really Shouldn't Have Aired

"I could just eat you guys up! You know, if I ate."

Sometimes, Disney Channel and Nick shows can handle adolescent issues and experiences super well!

Cyrus telling Jonah that he's gay on Andi Mack
Disney Channel

But other times, they fall SUPER short, and have some pretty problematic moments that could actually be really harmful to kids.

Disney Channel

Like on Victorious, when all the kids slept over their TEACHER'S house???

Sikowitz asks who wants to have a sleepover at his house and Jade immediately stands up and raises her hand and says "I do!"

Also, the name Sikowitz was pretty bad.

Or Shake It Up, which had multiple eating disorder jokes that weren't removed until Demi Lovato called them out.

model saying "I could just eat you guys up! You know, if I ate" on Shake It Up
Disney Channel

Thank you, Demi!

Anyone remember when Sam literally checked herself into a psych ward on iCarly because she liked Freddie?

Sam in the psych ward painting

There were also some pretty bad stereotypes in the psych ward that were played for laughs. Mental health isn't a joke!

Now it's your turn — what Nick or Disney Channel moment always struck you as pretty problematic or even irresponsible to air? Let us know in the comments and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.