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Tell Us What TV Show Season Was So Badly Written, Offensive, Or Inconsistent With The Show That It Honestly Shouldn't Have Aired

Angel Season 4 is a disgrace.

Some TV seasons are literally perfection from start to finish.


But some are the exact opposite. For example, am I the only one who thinks that 13 Reasons Why Season 3 was just like...blatantly offensive?


I'll never be over the fact that 13 Reasons Why made it seem like a good idea to let a kid who just attempted a school shooting go back to school with nothing but CLAY keeping him from the edge. Tyler needed serious help, not to be babysat in the halls by a 17-year-old with a savior complex.

I think we all know that Angel Season 4 should never have happened. Cordelia Chase (and Charisma Carpenter) deserved better.

The WB

Cordy's character assassination did NOT further the show and was almost unwatchable.

Let's be real: Did we really need to reboot the entire story and have an unnecessary last season of Once Upon A Time with new characters?

Henry's daughter asks if he's Henry Mills at his doorstep, and he responds "yeah"

This one just felt pointless. The story had reached its natural conclusion, and it'd had a good run. Why age up the kid in the story, get rid of 90% of the characters, and replay Season 1, but worse?

Teen Wolf 100% should've ended with Season 6A. 6B was boring and didn't focus enough on the original characters.


Teen Wolf without Dylan O'Brien was not a Teen Wolf I wanted to watch. Also, what was up with putting Scott and Malia together?? They made no sense as a couple. It felt like the show was out of ideas.

What about you? What TV season do you think never should've aired and why was it so bad? It can be any season, not just the last season of a show! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!