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Tell Us What Teen Drama Moments Were Inexcusably Problematic

Hint: there are a LOT.

Teen dramas love to tackle allllll the issues.


*cough cough, Glee, cough cough*

Which means they don't always tackle them all particularly well. Namely, they use a lot of sensitive subjects for drama's sake, or romanticize something that is actually bad.

Pretty Little Liars

If the actor playing Aria had actually been 16, we all would've thought this relationship was even creepier.

Who can forget the time on Glee, when Sue tried to "commit sue-icide" with vitamin gummies?


If I had a dollar for every time a teen show used a suicide attempt for shock value or to forward a relationship, I would be rich. Although Glee took it a step even further by using it for humor!!!

Or what about Tyler's attempted school shooting on 13 Reasons Why?


Tyler's storyline was so messy. The actor did a great job, but it was SUPER problematic that they showed his sexual assault, then had him attempt a school shooting, only to be "saved" by Clay and Tony, depicting his intense trauma as something that could be handled by two teenagers.

Or what about shows like Gossip Girl, which depicted sexual assault casually twice in the pilot alone?

The CW

They pretended like this never happened until a few seasons later, when Chuck apologized to Rufus for assaulting Jenny. But like...he never faced any consequences??

Or The Vampire Diaries, which used compulsion to muddle the lines of consent?

The CW

This show is just messy because you really can't consent if you're being compelled not to care that someone is feeding off of you, so literally any vampire who's fed off their human partner is culpable here (that's Stefan, too, you guys).

Or Pretty Little Liars, which made the villain's motivation largely centered around the fact that she was trans?


Cece also dated her brother/cousin. Just...yikes.

Whatever you think the most problematic teen drama moment was, let us know via the dropbox below and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!