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    21 Times Teen Dramas Got Teen Fashion A *Little* Wrong

    It's time to expose the truth: high schoolers are awkward.

    Listen, I love teen dramas. I love fashion from teen dramas. I actually used to have a blog on Pretty Little Liars fashion.


    I also had so many clothes from Teen Wolf that when I made my friend start watching it, she'd ask me every episode if I had the dress a character was wearing.

    But let's face it: some of the outfits teen drama characters wear to school are just insanely...unrealistic.

    The CW

    Who wears heels, designer skirts, and cropped bustiers to high school??

    (Just in case you know me from high school: YES I know *I* wore this kind of stuff. But only because I was insanely extra. I FOUGHT for that Best Dressed superlative. But that was just for school!)

    So for your viewing pleasure, I've delved DEEP into my own Facebook and consulted my colleagues at BuzzFeed to compile a list comparing how we actually dressed in high school vs. how teen drama characters dress.

    The CW

    Buckle up. It's going to be a wild ride.

    1. Real Life vs. Riverdale: Weekend Look

    BuzzFeed, The CW

    That's me on the left, and Cheryl Blossom from Riverdale on the right, unfortunately.

    2. Real Life vs. Euphoria: Shopping Look

    BuzzFeed, HBO

    You go to the mall to BUY cute clothes. Not to wear them.

    3. Real Life vs. Gossip Girl: Christmas Morning

    BuzzFeed, The CW

    Both Blair and Serena wore lingerie this episode. With their FAMILIES. I do not understand??

    4. Real Life vs. Riverdale: School Play

    BuzzFeed, The CW

    Also, what high school does Heathers??? And why didn't I go to it??

    5. Real Life vs. Euphoria: School Look

    BuzzFeed, HBO

    Does the school in Euphoria not have a dress code?? I mean, dress codes are sexist and ridiculous, but still!

    6. Real Life vs. Pretty Little Liars: Hanging Out with Friends Look

    BuzzFeed, Freeform

    The beret!!! The fur coat!! Why, Hanna??

    7. Real Life vs. Riverdale: Chilling at Home Look

    BuzzFeed, The CW

    Why does Veronica always look like she's about to appear in court for money laundering?

    8. Real Life vs. Teen Wolf: Bowling Look

    BuzzFeed, MTV

    I once had a bowling birthday party. I wore a terrycloth tracksuit.

    9. Real Life vs. One Tree Hill: Concert Look

    BuzzFeed, The WB

    If you went to a concert in the 2000s or 2010s, you absolutely wore a T-shirt with the band/singer's name on it. That's just the way it was.

    10. Real Life vs. Riverdale: Formal Look

    BuzzFeed, The CW


    11. Real Life vs. Euphoria: After-School Look

    BuzzFeed, HBO

    Someone who is a teenager right now PLEASE confirm that you look awkward at school, and not like Maddy above. I need it for my self-esteem.

    12. Real Life vs. Pretty Little Liars: After-School Look, Part 2

    BuzzFeed, Freeform

    I understand Aria was extremely extra, but still. She wore shoulder pads to school!!! SHOULDER PADS!!

    13. Real Life vs. Gossip Girl: Selfie Look


    Serena and Blair were in designer clothing. :(

    14. Real Life vs. Skins: Outdoor Look

    BuzzFeed, E4

    Wasn't Effy's neck heavy with all those necklaces?? Also, WHY WERE THERE NEVER GRAPHIC TEES ON TEEN DRAMAS?? That's all we wore in middle/high school.

    15. Real Life vs. Gossip Girl: Going Out Look

    BuzzFeed, The CW

    I know she was rich, but did Serena really have to wear Herve Leger? Did she really?

    16. Real Life vs. Gossip Girl: Vacation Look

    BuzzFeed, The CW

    This is not my photo, but I can confirm low-waisted skirts with a tank top were THE summer uniform in the 2010s.

    17. Real Life vs. Riverdale: Swimming Look

    BuzzFeed, The CW

    I just do not understand the point of doing your makeup and curling your hair if you're going to be going in the water!!

    18. Real Life vs. Beverly Hills, 90210: School Look, Part 2

    Heather Braga / Buzzfeed, BuzzFeed

    I remember when we HAD to wear thick strap tank tops UNDER spaghetti straps (as seen above) because of dress code. And then on Beverly Hills, 90210, Donna just wore a bodycon dress??? Not fair!

    19. Real Life vs. The Vampire Diaries: '80s Look

    Hannah Marder, BuzzFeed

    No one ever makes their own costume on teen dramas!!

    20. Real Life vs. Euphoria: Workout Look

    Hannah Marder / Buzzfeed, BuzzFeed

    I have never been able to work out with my hair down. Not even when it comes to dancing.

    21. Real Life vs. Euphoria: Halloween Look

    Hannah Marder / Buzzfeed, BuzzFeed

    Clearly I had not seen Mean Girls.

    Now it's your turn! What stuff did you wear in high school that was a FAR cry from the stuff you've seen on TV?

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