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Which Books Do You Remember Vividly From Your Childhood?

Besides The Rainbow Fish, of course.

There are certain things from childhood that we remember especially well.

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For me, it was the original Harry Potter GameCube game, Slip N Slide, and Austin Powers (which my dad let me watch when I was four).

But one of the main things we remember are the books we read. I can literally still picture the EXACT drawings from The Real Tooth Fairy.

Voyager Books

I was obsessed with that one page where the tooth fairy finally shows her true form. In an unrelated note, I believed in the tooth fairy until I was like 12. One time I asked her to bring me fairy dust and my mom put a pouch of glitter underneath my pillow.

Was it just me, or was everyone in elementary school OBSESSED with Patricia Polacco's books?

Philomel Books

My personal favorite was Pink and Say.

I distinctly remember Frog and Toad being the first "chapter book" we were allowed to read once we got to a certain level.

Harper & Row

In a criminal example of misogyny, some random boy in my class was allowed to read it before ME, who was the biggest bookworm ever at five. I'm still not over it.

This was a little later, but I have SUCH a vivid memory of reading Frindle.


Anyone else?

Now it's your turn! Let us know what books you vividly remember from childhood and what you remember about them via the Dropbox below! You could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!