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We All Know About Red Flags At Job Interviews, But What Are Some Green Flags?

Job interviews don't always have to be awful!

Interviewing for a job is hard no matter what — it can be really difficult to both make a good impression and figure out if the job is a good fit.

It doesn't help that it often feels like recruiters or interviewers are talking in code. Like, saying "this is a high-pressure work environment" might mean "this is a toxic, abusive work environment."

While we've gotten better at spotting red flags in job interviews, sometimes, we can be so jaded that we forget about the green ones — so, we want to hear about some green flags you've spotted in job interviews!

A job interview

Did the interviewer ask a question that made you really feel like they cared about your input?

Maybe they let you do most of the talking, but still left time at the end to answer plenty of questions for you.

Maybe they said something that made you feel comfortable right away — or maybe upon walking into the office, you spotted how comfortable and relaxed employees seemed.

Whatever the green flag was, we want to know. Let us know in the comments below, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!