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There Were Only 3 Types Of Girls Growing Up — Horse, Dolphin, And Spy – And We Know Which One You Were

Sorry, Fairy Princess Girls, you gotta be one of these three.

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We all know horse girls.

Girl standing with horse
Nurphoto / Getty Images

Horse girls were girls who were obsessed with horses, drew horses all the time, went to horseback riding camp, owned a ton of books on horses, and probably had a fake horse for their American Girl Doll. A major subcategory of horse girls was unicorn girls.

But horse girls weren't the only type of kid growing up. There were also dolphin girls...

girl kissing dolphin
Steve Parsons/PA Images via Getty Images

Dolphin girls were super into Lisa Frank, books about mermaids, and, obvi, dolphins. They definitely had framed pics of them kissing dolphins at Sea World.

...And, my personal favorite, spy girls.

girl with spy gear on arm and against eye
Chris Hondros / Getty Images

Sky girls loved the Powerpuff Girls and Totally Spies, and owned a TON of fake spy gear, like lipstick that was actually a laser pointer, invisible ink, and overhearing devices. "Playing spy" was an entire activity you would do on playdates, where you'd basically sneak up on your parents as if the kitchen was their secret lab.

Think we can guess which one you were? Take the quiz below to find out!