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    24 Tumblr Posts That Are Just Kind Of Weirdly Pure

    Memes the whole family will enjoy.

    1. When this person's fiancé forgot the word for "soulmate":

    a story about someone calling their fiance their "secret santa" because they forgot the word for "soulmate"

    2. When this friend group came through for their buddy:

    a group chat pumping their friend up after he asks their opinions on his dick pic

    3. When we learned about an interesting bodybuilder hobby:

    4. When a mom fully embraced what her toddler wanted:

    a story about a mom throwing their toddler a birthday party based on a local injury attorney the toddler loves

    5. When these kids proved that the future is in good hands:

    a story about two preteens coming to a store and the cashier asks if they want a receipt — the boys pull out a receipt and say "do you??"

    6. When this man made a wholesome boomer joke:

    A man says his knife reminds him of his wife because it's strong and sexy, and someone replies that they expected a boomer joke and were pleasantly surprised

    7. When these nuns were just having a good time:

    8. And so was this bear:

    9. When somebody made this silly yet relatable joke:

    "security question: what was the last name of your first grade teacher? my first grade teacher hacking my bank account: I'm in"

    10. And this pure and simple joke:

    a fact states gorilla only have type B blood, and someone replies "b for bananas"

    11. When this user tried to reignite our love for Pusheen, but others argued that she'd been in our hearts all along:

    someone says we should let pusheen back into our hearts because she did nothing wrong, and someone replies with a meme from We're The Millers with Kenny edited to be saying "you guys let pusheen out of your hearts?"

    12. When this post that started out about a serial murderer became surprisingly wholesome:

    someone says "if we keep accusing people of being the zodiac killer eventually we'll get it right" and another replies "maybe the real zodiac killer is the friends we made along the way"

    13. When this person just really loved their girlfriend:

    someone comments "god I love skrillex there is no one better" on YouTube, and another replies "Wrong, my girlfriend is the most amazing person in the world"

    14. When this raccoon thought it was being sneaky:

    15. When someone came up with a genius idea to change a tragic werewolf story into a comedy:

    a werewolf transforms and tells their human lover to leave because they're embarrassing dog-like as a wolf

    16. When someone made this joke about baby sea turtles:

    a joke that says human babies are born safely in the hospital and baby sea turtles are totally lost and know only that they must run

    17. When this person came up with a wholesome Nintendo character idea:

    someone suggests a Wario-style negative-version of Bowser who's ultra cheerful and peppy called Wowser

    18. When this penguin just wanted to be included:

    a penguin walks up to scientists on ice with the caption "yes, I would like to science please" and the scientists get super excited

    19. When these dads were fine with their daughters not being straight, but wanted to make sure their priorities were:

    on Twitter, fathers talking about their daughters telling them they're gay, saying they knew — the last says they told their daughter to be "attracted to them books right now" and someone comments "you don't get to be gay until you finish your homework"

    20. When this office decided to embrace their rogue possum:

    21. When this grandfather was trying to show off his skills:

    someone posts that their grandpa got a facebook and sent them a badly drawn photo of a duck with a hat saying "You're not the only one in the family with graphic art talents"

    22. When this post about being horny was turned into a wholesome post about repopulating pandas:

    Someone sends a message to a user saying "Get horny damn you," and another captions it "me, a zoologist, to the last two living pandas"

    23. When this person just really loved fruit:

    someone talks about how much they love fruit with disjointed language and another replies "is this written by a bat? I still support the post, just curious"

    24. And finally, when this person straight-up reviewed animals in this long-but-worth-it post: