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    Double Toenails, Pupils That Look Like Snow Is Falling In Them, And 20 Other Photos Of Human Bodies That Are Actually Wild To Look At

    Do you know what a teratoma is? Well, you're about to find out.

    1. This is what skulls look like for people who still have their baby teeth.

    2. Here's what the inside of a human bone looks like.

    3. This is what Anonychia congenita — where someone doesn't have nails — looks like.

    4. This is what a major closeup of a human eye looks like.

    5. This is what it looks like for ink to spread over skin.

    6. This is what getting goosebumps looks like closeup.

    7. This is what a teratoma — a tumor that can grow teeth, eyes, hair, etc. — looks like.

    8. And another one with hair.

    9. This is what a parasitic twin growing inside someone's skull looks like. In case you didn't know, this is a rare condition (and type of teratoma) where one twin continues developing normally, but the other stops developing and some of its body remains in the first twin's body.

    10. And a similar situation with TWO parasitic twins, in X-ray form.

    11. Here's what the roots of a wisdom tooth look like.

    A wisdom tooth

    12. Here's what people who need a liver transplant look like.

    Before and after a liver transplant

    13. Freaky, but this is what all the blood vessels in our body — stripped of everything else — look like.

    14. There's a fun new device called a vein scanner — here's what your veins look like under it.

    15. After you get a shot or injection, here's what the hole looks like (under a microscope):

    Closeup of a hole in the skin

    16. Here's what it looks like to have two toenails on the same toe.

    17. And to have a straight-up double toe.

    18. Here's what human feet look like if you bind them for years and years, as was common in China until the early 20th century.

    And another picture:

    19. Here is what it looks like to have bubbles in your eye (context: this was done purposefully to help repair tears in the retina).

    20. This is a video of someone with asteroid hyalosis — which is not only unsettling, but also really beautiful IMO.

    21. This is what the inside of the top of a human skull looks like.

    Closeup of inside the human skull

    22. And finally, here's what the teeth of people with mulberry molars look like.