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These TikToks Reimagine "Twilight" If Bella Was A Normal Teenager, And They're Amazing

Petition to remake the movies.

The Twilight films are pure art, and no one can tell me otherwise.

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But if you're anything like me, you found a couple of things to be a littlleeeee unrealistic, and Edward's dialogue to be a little...overdramatic.

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I mean, let's face it: If Edward said this to you, wouldn't you be like, "...k"?

Seventeen-year-old Olivia Henry from Northern Ireland, better known on TikTok as @boogiewoogie99, actually took this one step further to make a series of truly amazing TikToks on how Twilight would be different if Bella responded to Edward like a normal teenager:


@sherrnerr894’s vids inspired me to make my own, I had fun with this #twilight #bellaswan #edwardcullen #twihard #fyp #thecullens

♬ original sound - boogiewoogie99

First Liv re-created the iconic classroom scene, where Bella and Edward are lab partners and Edward makes these faces at her:

Liv as Bella saying "Hi nice to meet you!" then seeing Edward is covering his mouth and looking at her strangely, so she turns behind her and asks if he's okay
@boogiewoogie99 / TikTok

Liv told BuzzFeed she was inspired by TikTok user sherrnerr894, who did videos about if Bella was plus-size.

She also addressed the moment when Edward is a COMPLETE DICK and tells his family that Bella already ate after they just made a lavish meal for her:

Esme saying they're making italian for Bella, to which Liv and Bella responds "thank you so much, it smells really nice," but then Edward says "she already ate" and Liv as Bella says "You don't have to say that"
@boogiewoogie99 / TikTok

"You don't have to say that." EXACTLY!!

And of course, she had to re-create the iconic scene where Edward reveals he's a vampire:

The costume! The hair! The COLORING!!

She perfectly captures how someone would actually respond to Edward's creepiness:

Liv as Bella saying "I know what you are," and Edward saying "Say it," to which Liv/Bella says "Jesus. You're making this, like, really intense"
@boogiewoogie99 / TikTok

Did you really need to be this dramatic about it, Edward? Did you really?

Especially when Edward starts jumping around and throwing trees to demonstrate his point:

Edward ripping out a tree and throwing it, saying "as if you could fight me off! I'm designed to kill" and Liv as Bella saying " didn't need to do any of that"
@boogiewoogie99 / TikTok

Edward is literally just a messy bench who lives for drama. Change my mind.

Though I think my favorite is when she re-created the scene where they lie awkwardly in the field:

Liv as Bella saying "Edward...I think the grass is really wet and my jeans are, like, soaking...and it's probably going to look like I pissed myself"
@boogiewoogie99 / TikTok

I didn't have a high school boyfriend, so maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think teenagers lie in fields together in silence.

Although it was also pretty great when she pointed out the Cullens' obsession with monkeys:

Edward calling Bella "spider monkey" and Bella/Liv responding "did he just call me spider monkey?" then Rosalie calling Emmett her "monkey man" and Bella/Liv saying "Monkey man? Do you all have, like, monkey fetishes or something?"
@boogiewoogie99 / TikTok

Shoutout to the baseball scene, which is absolutely the most iconic scene of the Twilight series.

Watch that TikTok here:

Understandably, the response has been great. People have pointed out that this is what the Twilight series would've been like if Anna Kendrick had been cast as Bella instead of Kristen Stewart:

comments saying she should rewrite and direct the series, that she has great acting skills and makes Bella more likable, and agreeing with how annoying it was when Edward told his family Bella had already eaten
@boogiewoogie99 / TikTok

Liv, who's loved Twilight since she was 13, told BuzzFeed, "I did it mainly because I was bored, and people just kept saying, 'Oh my god, you're so funny,' and 'Please make more, I love these!' I also love acting and making people laugh, so it was just a positive thing to do."

There are five parts total, and she plans to continue with New Moon — so be sure to follow her at @boogiewoogie99 for tons of Twilight content!

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G2G, rewatching Twilight again.