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    22 Super Funny Tweets About Millennials Who Love Olivia Rodrigo

    Olivia's great, but let's give Avril Lavigne's "Complicated" its due credit.

    As we should all know by now, Olivia Rodrigo's debut album Sour came out almost two weeks ago, and the world has never been the same.

    Olivia has perfectly captured what it feels like to be a teenager — but...well, there are more than a few of us ol' milennials who this album has hit right in their feelings.

    And a bunch of us have been wishing we had Olivia in high school.

    where was olivia rodrigo's music in 2017 when my boyfriend broke up with me to focus on high school marching band

    Twitter: @ayeshachair

    22. But like...we were fine in high school. We had Pitbull!

    “i wish i had olivia rodrigo when i was 15” was pitbull not enough for you

    Twitter: @phntomthred

    21. And AVRIL!

    “I wish I had Olivia Rodrigo when I was 15” you had Avril Lavigne you ungrateful piece of shit

    Twitter: @NoKidneysJoe

    20. And, of course, other Disney Channel Star hits like "Calling All The Monsters."

    “i wish i had olivia rodrigo when i was 15” was calling all the monsters by china ann mcclain not enough for you

    Twitter: @mikolovesreki

    19. Who can forget about Marina and the Diamonds?

    olivia rodrigo is revolutionizing today’s young teen girls into realizing men are trash the same way marina and the diamonds did back in 2014 and honestly i appreciate her for it

    Twitter: @ULTRAGLOSS

    18. I mean, same.

    I didn’t need Olivia Rodrigo in high school. I had Marina and the Diamonds and I was monster level mentally ill

    Twitter: @princessbozo

    17. Are we really going to disrespect Pink Slip like that?

    “I wish I had Olivia Rodrigo in high school” ummmmmm??!!

    Twitter: @missthing224

    16. And Liz Gillies on Victorious??

    “i wish i had olivia rodrigo when i was 15” was liz gillies singing take a hint & you don’t know me not enough for you?


    15. And "Welcome to the Black Parade"???

    My Chemical Romance did not release The Black Parade in 2006 just for y’all to say “I wish I had Olivia Rodrigo was I was a teenager”

    Twitter: @YourLocalEmoDad

    14. And, um, just a little band called PARAMORE!!!

    why is everyone "wishing we had olivia rodrigo at 15" we literally had PARAMORE

    Twitter: @renzosaurus

    13. The emos were fine.

    "I wish I had Olivia Rodrigo as a teenager" ok like Simple Plan didn't make I'm Just a Kid for your emo ass

    Twitter: @DestinyHarHar

    12. We had our fair share of angsty songs.

    y’all may have had olivia rodrigo but I was 14 singing wicked games 💀

    Twitter: @highfortrilogy

    11. Although this is a fair point.

    maybe if i had olivia rodrigo when i was a teen instead of lorde i’d be angry and hot instead of depressed and hot

    Twitter: @ULTRAGLOSS

    10. As is this.

    highschool girls have a nice girl like olivia rodrigo to listen to I had lana del rey singing about cocaine and sugar daddies and made short films about being a stripper. we are not the same

    Twitter: @houseofhazel

    9. And this. :(

    "if i had olivia rodrigo in high school i would've been indestructible" you had lorde and artic monkeys and you still spent friday nights on tumblr

    Twitter: @rodeoman

    8. This one hit a little too close to home.

    Me seeing all your “wish I had Olivia Rodrigo’s music in high school” tweets

    Twitter: @JoseMLuna

    7. As did this one.

    “I wish I had olivia rodrigo when I was 15” shawty I wish I had self confidence when I was 15

    Twitter: @bbreezybeasy

    6. Although I love the confidence of Jesse Tyler Ferguson here.

    Okay if I was cool enough to have friends and boyfriends to break up with in high school I just know I would’ve written songs like @Olivia_Rodrigo. I just know it.

    Twitter: @jessetyler

    5. It's okay, millennials. We were fine in the 2000s.

    sad teens have olivia rodrigo, sad geriatric millennials had des'ree

    Twitter: @alex_abads

    4. And we can still fully enjoy Olivia Rodrigo now.

    that olivia rodrigo album everyone is talking about isn’t just for teenaged girls it’s also for adult women who wear brandy melville and don’t know how to drive

    Twitter: @w0a0i0f

    3. Her lyrics still apply to us.

    these teens just recorded me failing to parallel park while blaring olivia rodrigo, do not tell me if you see it on tiktok

    Twitter: @theeashleyray

    2. ...Even if sometimes they apply to us in weird ways.

    olivia rodrigo: who am i if not exploited me, a phd student:

    1. So what if listening to Olivia makes us feel old? We're all having fun!

    Whenever I listen to Olivia Rodrigo I feel like a weird chaperone that’s just fucking thrilled to be there

    Twitter: @NickStopTalking

    TL;DR: We all love Olivia, but let's show some damn respect for her elders.