21 Super Annoying Plot Holes And Inconsistencies That Happened When TV Shows Literally Just Wrote Off Family Members Of Major Characters

    Alexa, play Taylor Swift's "I Forgot That You Existed."

    Does anyone else get really frustrated when characters just, like...disappear?

    Jesse from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    This especially annoys me when it's a family member. Whether they were on the show for the beginning then disappeared, showed up as a guest star then were never seen again, or left the show, I always find it super weird when major family members just...don't show up for important events.

    1. Like...remember how Haley just wasn't there for her grandfather's funeral on Modern Family?

    2. Or on Shameless, when Fiona didn't even come to her own brother's wedding.

    3. I always found it weird that on One Tree Hill, Lucas didn't show up until Nathan had been kidnapped for, like, weeks.

    4. Also on One Tree Hill, Karen didn't come to her own son's wedding.

    5. One more OTH one — Haley was supposed to have a ton of siblings. But none of them showed up for her mother's death besides Quinn and Haley — and not even those two showed up for either of Haley's weddings.

    6. Where the heck was Jess's sister Abby for her wedding on New Girl?

    7. And what about Nick's mom?

    8. Where was Mike at Aria's wedding to Ezra on Pretty Little Liars?

    9. Anyone else think it's kind of messed up that Jeremy didn't come home for Alaric's wedding on The Vampire Diaries?

    10. What ever happened to Scott for like, every major event in Gossip Girl?

    Rufus talking to Scott

    11. What ever happened to Rachel's sisters on Friends?

    12. And what about Phoebe's birth mom?

    Phoebe's birth mom holding a dog

    13. Frank Jr. also didn't come to Phoebe's wedding, despite appearing in Season 10.

    14. And where was Ben for like, a ton of the major events of Friends?

    Ross hugging Ben.

    15. Leslie's mom didn't even show up to her own daughter's wedding in Parks and Recreation.

    16. El's "sister" on Stranger Things has not been mentioned since, despite El's life being in danger multiple times.

    El with her sister

    17. I know they "explained" this with a joke about the Olsen twins, but still — it's weird that Michelle never showed up on Fuller House.

    18. Also, what ever happened to Wendy on Full House? She was Danny's sister and dated Joey, but didn't come around after Season 5 of Full House, or in Fuller House at all, despite events like her niece D.J.'s husband dying (and her brother Danny moving back in with D.J.)

    Joey hugging Wendy

    19. Ted's sister Heather didn't miss any one significant event on How I Met Your Mother, but there was a whole subplot about her moving to New York — and then she was never seen again.

    Barney kissing Heather's hand

    20. And remember Barney's half-siblings Carly and JJ on How I Met Your Mother? They didn't come to his wedding.

    21. Lindsay never came back for her father Caleb's funeral on The O.C.

    22. Charlotte's brother Wesley only appeared once on Sex and the City. He didn't even come to Charlotte's wedding or meet her children.

    23. And finally, Spinner's sister Kendra on Degrassi: The Next Generation completely disappeared a few seasons in. She didn't even come back when Spinner was shot.

    What other family-related inconsistencies, plot holes, or disappearances really bothered you on TV shows? Let us know in the comments!