33 Super-Disturbing TV And Movie Moments That Scarred Entire Generations For Life

    Noseybonk is now going to star in all my nightmares.

    Recently, Reddit user u/miguelmmdu asked, "What did you see on TV that traumatized you when you were a child?" and people started reminiscing real quick. Here are some of the most disturbing things!

    1. "The 'Worthless' song from Brave Little Toaster."

    2. "Watership Down."

    Woundwort kills a rabbit

    3. "Oh yes, and the Plague Dogs movie, too. The advertising made them look like fun, kid-friendly animal adventure movies. The reality was...far more harrowing."

    4. "Canada had some pretty gnarly public safety ads in the mid-2000s that were straight out of Final Destination."

    5. "The Mummy ... THE ONE FREAKING SCENE of a bug (I forget its name. It's an Egyptian bug) that gets into the guy. GOSH. IT IS REALLY SCARY. I was A 7-YEAR-OLD CHILD...do not watch."

    6. "Two words: Pingu walrus. Still traumatizes me to this day thinking about it."

    7. "I don't know about traumatized, but it was the first time I was incredibly scared of something on TV: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the 'Hush' episode."

    Two of the Gentlemen standing

    8. "The last bit of the Nosferatu SpongeBob episode."

    9. "The original It. Seeing that clown in the gutter — no thanks. Looking back on it now, it's not all that scary."

    It in the gutter

    10. "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory — when Augustus gets sucked up the tube. They played the movie for me in daycare when I was 4, and I remember it still. I didn't watch it again until I was in my thirties."

    Augustus in the tube from the chocolate river

    11. "There was this antidrug PSA where they were like, 'When you sniff, this is what happens to your brain,' and it was this girl sleeping in bed while her room slowly filled with water and she drowned. But I was very young, and didn’t know they meant, like, sniffing glue or whatever. I just thought they meant, like, sniffing when you have a cold. So I was petrified for AAAAAAAAAAAAAGES that sniffing was going to drown me. And I had terrible seasonal allergies for like 10 months of the year."

    A woman drowning

    12. "That commercial that shows a nice sunny day with a car driving on the countryside, and then all of a sudden you’re jump-scared by a zombie. Early-2000s TV was great…"

    A car is driving on the countryside, then a zombie face pops up

    13. "The movie Looks Who's Talking — the angry-talking-toilet scene."

    The toilet with a face and fangs

    14. "Near the end of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, when Judge Doom turned into a toon. Always freaked the shit outta me."

    15. "'Return the slab!' (from Courage the Cowardly Dog).”

    16. "That one scene in Labyrinth where the puppets are pulling off their heads and tossing them around, and they turn to Sarah and just say, 'Hey, let's take her head off!' then start chasing her and grabbing at her neck and singing about it like it's no big deal that they are trying to kill her. Six-year-old me took a hard pass on that one. Big nope."

    The puppets trying to pull off Sarah's head

    17. "A sketch from Sesame Street where Ernie and Bert are exploring a pyramid in Egypt, and there are two statues that look like them. Every time Bert turns away, the one that looks like Ernie comes to life and only he sees it. It terrified me as a kid, and honestly still does."

    18. "When I was younger, Nickelodeon had a subchannel called Nicktoons. One animation was about two child panda bears playing around, walking, swinging, and stuff. At the end of the animation, they had the two pandas choke on lollipops and die, then proceed to play in their heaven. When I tell you how hard I cried at that, I wouldn't be exaggerating."

    two pandas choke then die

    19. "The subway scene from The Wiz. It gave me nightmares for years. Here's a link if you've decided not to sleep tonight."

    Creepy paper dolls growing and coming after everyone, while trash cans and pillars come to life and do the same

    20. "The Nazi's face melting in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade."

    21. "Oh god. Spirited Away, when the protagonist’s parents became pigs."

    22. "The black, shadowy things from the movie Ghost."

    23. "That scene where Atreyu sees the mural of Gmork snarling in the cave, and then turns around to see him right there in The Neverending Story. Holy shit, that terrified me."

    Atreyu turns from the mural to see Gmork

    24. "Gumby. I'm not sure why, but the animation style really freaked me out when I was a kid."

    25. "Noseybonk."

    Noseybonk, a deformed creature in a greenhouse

    26. "The child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang gives me nightmares to this day, and I’m in my mid-twenties."

    27. "That scene in SpongeBob where they show the face of a butterfly loudly buzzing into the camera. The episode was about not being scared of something harmless, but now bugs freak me out to near-phobia levels."

    28. "When I was 5, I got my tonsils out. I was in a ward with a lot of others kids and one TV. We saw a movie called The Crawling Hand, about an astronaut whose hand was blown off and crawled around strangling people. I am now 62 and never forgot."

    The hand crawling over the floor

    29. "An episode of Unsolved Mysteries where they talked about spontaneous human combustion. Terrified me for like two years."

    Kay and Michael Fletcher talking about smoke coming from her body with no flame while we see a reenactment

    30. "Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. For a 5-year-old child, a gigantic rabbit attacking people is scary as shit. I was scared of it for like two years."

    The were-rabbit snarling

    31. "Animal Farm, the animated movie. I must have been about 6? Mum put it on and promptly left us to it. The bit in particular when the old horse is taken off to the glue factory when he can no longer work, and his little donkey friend is crying, chasing after the van, absolutely scarred me."

    The donkey chasing after the wagon with the horse in it

    32. "The X-Files episode 'Squeeze,' the episode where the guy could squeeze through small spaces and was on a killing spree. I was afraid to use the bathroom because it was connected to the sewer."

    33. And finally, this one, which is kind of sweet: "Matilda came out right as I was starting school. Ms. Trunchbull scared the shit out of me. I was so scared to go to school because I thought I'd be put in the chokey ... I pretended to be sick so much those first few months of school, and then my mom told me I had to tell her what was wrong or I would have to do kindergarten over again."

    What did you see while growing up that freaked YOU out? Let us know in the comments!

    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.