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    17 Times Characters Were Needlessly Killed Off Just Because It Was The Last Few Episodes

    Still not over Anya.

    Hi, I'm Hannah, and I love TV! I also hate (most) character deaths.


    But the TV deaths that are the most infuriating to me are the ones that happen in series finales (or close to them). Sometimes they feel earned, but sometimes it feels like they're only happening because it's the finale.

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    Here are some of the absolutely unnecessary TV deaths that happened in the last few episodes of a show that still piss me off:

    WARNING: Spoilers ahead!

    1. Dean from Supernatural

    Sam crying as Dean dies
    The CW

    I'm sorry, after EVERYTHING the Winchesters went through, he DIED FROM A NAIL?!?!? Meaning Castiel's sacrifice was for nothing?? Ugh.

    2. Daenerys from Game of Thrones

    Jon holds Daenarys' stabbed body

    I think most of us agree that Daenerys' decent into "madness" felt far too rushed, which meant that Jon having to kill her did, too. I wouldn't have minded Dany dying in the finale if it had happened maybe a season or two later, but this death did not feel at all earned or inevitable. It just felt stupid.

    3. Jaime from Game of Thrones

    Jaime tells Cersei nothing else matters then holds her as the tunnel caves in

    There's definitely a theme with a lot of the characters on this list, in that these are characters with great character arcs that suddenly got cut short due to their deaths. I understand that happens in real life (that someone is growing and changing and dies before they can complete this change), but Game of Thrones is hardly about realism. They totally ruined Jaime's character and made his death his fault.

    4. Anya from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    Anya getting stabbed and then Xander calling for her on Buffy

    I'LL NEVER BE OVER THIS. They literally kill her in a 0.2 second long flash, and have Xander look for her for another 0.2 seconds before leaving, then when he hears she's dead he just goes, "That's my girl"????? Anya dying to save ANDREW felt like such a waste; she was just at the start of her arc, and no one seemed to care that she died. Still mad.

    5. Tiffany from Orange is The New Black

    Taystee screams for help as she finds Tiffany, and we see Tiffany outside fading away

    This was just dumb. It felt like it 100% happened because it was the finale. There were multiple deaths that felt needless on this show, but it kind of sucked to see that they reverted to this really tragic death (especially because it was based on a misunderstanding) in the last episode rather than leave with a message of hope.

    6. Justin from 13 Reasons Why

    Justin collapses at the dance then asks Clay to hold his hand in the hospital

    Justin really had the best arc. It was so important to see a character overcome so much, and finally be in a good place in the end of the show. And then...the show killed him. It's important to talk about AIDS and show characters who have been diagnosed with it, but to give it to him for shock factor then kill him right after felt really cheap, which I guess is unsurprising for 13 Reasons Why.

    7. Mary from Sherlock

    Mary tells John he made her so happy and he gave her everything she could've ever wanted

    I mean, the whole fourth season of Sherlock probably shouldn't have happened. There was some good stuff, but it just felt torturous to put John through that much and to see him turn against Sherlock. Also, Mary dying was another classic example of a show killing off a woman (in this case, one of the only women) to further a man's storyline. No thanks!

    8. Andrea from Breaking Bad

    Todd tells Andrea it's nothing personal then shoots her as Jesse watches from the car screaming

    Oof. This death was unnecessary for the story. It was just too cruel — Andrea had a son! And Jesse was literally being chained up, held hostage, and forced to make drugs by a sadistic freak. We got that he had it ROUGH. We didn't need his poor girlfriend to be killed in front of him.

    9. Oliver from Arrow

    Oliver tells Mia he loves her and Mia asks "Dad?" as he's dying
    The CW

    I have to admit, I couldn't watch the last couple seasons of Arrow. Things just got too convoluted. But I still tried to follow the crossovers, and though I thought it was nice for Oliver to die to save Barry, it was really disappointing that Oliver didn't get to finally live out his days in peace.

    10. Enzo from The Vampire Diaries

    Stefan rips out Enzo's heart and Bonnie cries in shock
    The CW

    I didn't necessarily like Enzo or even his relationship with Bonnie, but it was just so nice to finally see Bonnie happy. Bonnie was constantly giving up her own happiness to help her friends, so to see her happiness ripped from her in the last few episodes (and then she still had to help the guy that killed her true love and celebrate his wedding to her best friend) just felt cruel.

    11. Freddie from Skins

    the psychiatrist tells Freddie he can't let him out, and Freddie shouts to get off him as we see blood on the window

    So, while not technically close to the series finale, this was the finale of Gen 2 and we moved onto an entirely new cast after this. We all knew Effy's psychiatrist was messed up, but it looked like she was out of the woods and that her and Freddie could finally be together. To see Freddie brutally murdered and then have NO ONE know about it until the last few minutes of the finale, and then not see ANYONE'S reactions (besides Cook's) or get any closure??? Ugh.

    12. Wren from Pretty Little Liars

    We see Wren in a flashback then Alex tells Spencer that Wren is always close by because she turned his ashes into an eternity stone

    Wren was a character with such great villain potential, and then we only got to see him in flashbacks in the utterly ridiculous Alex storyline, then found out he was dead. I would've much preferred Wren to be the one behind things in the finale than Spencer's secret identical twin. They had a perfectly good villain and they killed him.

    13. Silver's baby from 90210

    Michaela tells Silver she lost the baby
    The CW

    I didn't particularly like Silver, but watching her find out she has cancer directly after losing the baby she planned to have DUE to her cancer risks and THEN seeing her contemplate suicide was just so dark and depressing. There was no silver lining. The other characters all basically got happy endings. It was messed up.

    14. Jin from Lost

    Jin tells Sun he won't leave her ever again as they drown

    The idea of not wanting to leave your love to die alone is noble and all, BUT SUN AND JIN HAD A KID. Jin 100% should have left Sun so that their child wouldn't be an orphan. Still mad about it.

    15. Misty from American Horror Story: Coven

    Cordelia holds Misty as she's stuck in her own personal hell being forced to dissect a frog

    Again, this didn't happen in the series finale, but since every season is a completely new story in this show I think I can count it. In the finale of Coven, Misty (arguably the kindest of the witches) is stuck forever in her own personal hell. It's super dark and honestly freaks me out whenever I think about it. She didn't deserve that and it didn't really do anything for the plot; she could've failed a different one of the Seven Wonders.

    16. Dani from The Haunting of Bly Manor

    Jamie screams as she swims down and sees Dani dead in the bottom of the lake

    Dani and Jamie had a beautiful love story, and Dani dying felt on par with the show, but...can we not get a w/w queer love story with a happy ending?? Dani sacrificed her life for children who wouldn't even remember her. I get why she did it, and it was very noble, but I just don't know what it says about women's responsibilities and I certainly don't love how it's just another example of #buryyourgays. In my mind, Dani and Jamie lived happily ever after.

    17. Sabrina from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

    both versions of Sabrina lying dead

    It was cruel enough that the show was cut short — we really had to also lose BOTH versions of Sabrina?? Don't talk to me about this finale. It didn't happen.