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26 Tumblr Posts That Immediately Descended Into Chaos

Someday, historians will study these.

I don't know about you guys, but I have been spending an embarrassing amount of time on Tumblr lately.

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One of my favorite things about Tumblr is just how ridiculous posts can get really quickly. Here are 26 of my favorite Tumblr posts that quickly went off the rails!

1. This Pixar tribute:

joke that starts with a pixar opening recreation then ends with people joking about a lamp-ocalypse where lamps actually attacked people

2. This classic name mix-up:

someone asks if you can OD on Vitamin D, and someone responds that's how Icarus died. Someone else says "icarly died?"

3. This Waluigi drama:

someone says you allow words to hurt you, but is made fun of for having a Waluigi blog. When he gets upset, someone else says he shouldn't have allowed the words to hurt him

4. This frightening declaration:

someone asks if Goofy dies in Kingdom Hearts, and another says he doesn't, then someone says they'll kill him themselves

5. This unexpected turn on a Monsters University post:

Gifs from Monsters University that quickly become a private conversation between a "daddy" and his "daughter"

6. This Australia meme that got out of hand:

everyone comments on a dog eating a piece of dead shark while 2 snakes fight, until it's clarified that the snakes are having sex and the dog is a dingo

7. This horrifying thought:

someone sugggests vampires aren't sure if they burn in sun so decide not to risk it, while another compares that to eating asbestos and how we've decided not to risk it

8. This example of an over-the-top comeback:

someone corrects another's spelling of "disdain" and the person repsonds that they just had sex with that person's dad

9. This English vs. American disagreement:

someone makes fun of americans for calling knobs of butter "sticks" and another responds saying "if someeone said knob of butter near me I'd kill them"

10. This interesting snack that was maybe not what it seemed:

someone finds a horse magnet in their chocolate then says it tasted like coal and another suggests they ate a vase, which the original poster says is the least of their problems

11. This wonderful Benedict Cumberbatch joke:

someone says "Bandersnatch sounds like British slang for pussy" and another says "and yet family-friendly disney still hired him to play Dr. Strange" and another says "this post is like getting smacked in the face twice"

12. This wild ride:

people fight over who gets paid more and provides more to society, a doctor or furry artist

13. This classic misunderstanding:

Someone says as a German kid they thought "Country Road Take Me Home" was America's national anthem, and another wonders how that could be if it came out a month ago — thinking of "Old Town Road" instead

14. This escalating name game:

someone says they feel like they have to use Neil Patrick Harris' full name, which escalates to other long names and "Inigo Montoya You Killed My Father Prepare To Die"

15. This...not so scary story:

someone posts a 4 word horror story that turns out not to be 4 words and others also point out it makes no sense

16. This interesting argument:

someone says there is sexual tension between 2 gas stations while another gets mad because they can't find denny's/applebees fics with denny's bottoming — they then fight whether Denny's is a bottom or not

17. This good question:

someone asks what the anime with the 3 identical boys is and people respond with teenage mutant ninja turtles, the beatles, and mt. rushmore

18. This unexpected turn:

someone says "u ever just wanna...suck on his fingers" and someone responds "me at the dentist," which causes the original poster to say "shut up"

19. This ~feminist~ post about rats:

someone says they're eating a subway sandwich for breakfast and can share if the ladies like. Someone else says the ladies are 300 rats and someone points out it's improbable they're all ladies, but the person answers they're a feminist

20. This fight that broke out rather quickly:

A user says they like "you guys" and someone responds that they can't say the same, so the original poster says "I will chew the legs off your chair"

21. This good point:

someone says they get the urge to walk around in the middle of the night, but another says they don't want to get murdered. People respond "I feel you" and someone asks "why are so many people touching me"

22. This series of confusions:

someone suggests bottled water controversy be called "watergate" while someone tries to explain that's already a  thing but explains it very wrong

23. This disturbing implication:

a cat on sushi is pictured, then a kid eating sushi. There's a screaming meme but then the person is assured it's a different sushi. Someone photoshops the original sushi with the cat in the picture and there's another screaming meme

24. This string of people not thinking straight:

a chihuaha stands next to carrots but someone calls them cheetos and gets confused

25. This horrifying match-up:

a fitted dress from H&M is shown and since it's really long it asks "fitted to whom?" someone responds with a picture of a skeleton with long limbs and "meeee baby!" Someone replies "NO!!!"

26. And finally, this classic Tumblr post:

someone says they'll always spell the wrong names if they work at Starbucks, and someone asks if they're Satan. It then descends into "Are you god?" "Are we humans" "or are we dancer," etc