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    24 Tumblr Posts For Everyone Who's Starting To Feel Old

    Adulthood is just endless cycles of laundry.

    Let's face it: We're all getting old.

    And although there are great things about getting older...things aren't exactly how many of us expected they'd be.

    Here are 28 Tumblr posts that really just sum up what it's like to look around and realize, "Holy shit, I'm old":

    1. This post about ~wild nights~:

    2. And this one about every adult's worst fear:

    3. This fair point:

    4. This reminder of the one teenage part of ourselves that remains:

    5. This unfortunate reality:

    6. This interesting suggestion:

    7. This relatable statement:

    8. This horrifying realization:

    9. This question that perfectly sums up what it's like to feel old and simultaneously way too young:

    10. And this similar post that brings up some fair points:

    11. This horrible reminder:

    12. This sentiment I wholeheartedly agree with:

    13. And this video that I find way too relatable:

    14. This text that shows how much fun it is to have to pay for your own healthcare:

    15. And this one that shares my general confusion and frustration over money:

    16. This post that called many of us out:

    17. This accurate point:

    18. And this one, which hits way too close to home:

    19. This Disney post that reminds me I'm no longer 16:

    20. This post Olaf might have something to say about:

    21. This pretty solid list of what being an adult is like:

    22. This dark declaration:

    23. This slightly more positive sentiment:

    24. This accurate reaction image:

    25. This spot-on depiction of the constant inner struggle:

    26. This apt comparison:

    27. This kind of romanticized, kind of sad description of your early twenties:

    28. And finally, this post that isn't necessarily about getting old, but makes me feel old: