The New "Historical" American Girl Doll Is From The '80s And Has Its Own Molly Doll

    My back hurts.

    Growing up, American Girl dolls were ALL the rage.

    George Lopez with a Kirsten doll

    The original dolls were all associated with historical time periods, with dolls like Kaya from 1764, Josefina from 1824, and Kit from 1934.

    young Abigail Breslin with a Kit doll

    Well, this week Mattel released their first historical doll in three years. And...she's from 1986.

    Courtney is a gamer from the San Fernando Valley in 1986 whose mom is running for mayor. She loves arcades and games like Pac-Man, and she aims to one day create her own video games that feature female characters at the forefront.

    Courtney in a jean skirt and crop top and scrunchie at an arcade playing PAC-MAN

    According to a press release, "Courtney’s story reflects the pop culture of the decade from sky-high hair, neon-colored fashions, music television, and video gaming to major historical moments surrounding women in government and space exploration, as well as larger cultural shifts around blended families and emerging technology."

    Courtney in a jean skirt and crop top and scrunchie and bangles holding a boombox

    Courtney sounds awesome! But...some people are feeling a little bit offended by the doll being called "historical."

    An American girl doll that’s five years younger than I am? There’s old 2020 for ya.

    This just made my brain hurt.

    Realizing an 80s-era @American_Girl doll is as historic to modern kids as 50s-era Molly was to 90s kids like me just broke my brain. (We’re old!!)

    Even cuspers like me are feeling old!

    The fact that there is a new American Girl doll whose historical era is *four years* before I was born

    But some are just excited about having a girl gamer as an American Girl Doll.

    if you try to talk to me about anything other than the gamer girl american girl doll i will scream at the top of my lungs

    Courtney has some pretty rad accessories, including a working Pac-Man machine, school supplies that look similar to Lisa Frank's, and Care Bear–themed merchandise.

    Guys, this American Girl doll has all the shit I wanted when I was little and never got 😭😭😭😭

    I'm a fully grown woman, but I still want to buy all this.

    She also has a mini Molly doll of her own.

    The fact that the character Courtney owns an original 1986 Molly doll means that the American Girl Company is canon within the American Girl universe. History has caught up with itself. The cycle is complete. This Ouroboros has swallowed its own tail.

    Very meta.

    People are pretty thrilled about her clothes and accessories, although some have noticed a likeness to Joey from Full House.

    Is this an American Girl doll or Uncle Joey from Full House?

    I mean, you're not wrong.

    For reference...

    Joey from Full House in a zigzag pattern '80s style polo

    In conclusion...we're all old.