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31 Things You Should Never, Ever Say To A Bisexual Person

"'Okay, but all women are a little bi.'" Um????

If you're bisexual, you've probably encountered your fair share of offensive, uneducated, and just plain stupid comments — from both straight people and the larger LGBTQ community.

Recently, when we asked LGBTQ members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the ridiculous and offensive things people have said to them, we got a ton of comments about the specific crap bisexual people have to deal with.

Here are some of the most annoying and offensive things you should never say to a bi person!

1. “'There’s no such thing as bisexual. That just means you’re easy.'"

2. "'Now that you’re bi, you’re not gonna hit on me or anything, are you? I mean, do you think I’m hot?'"

3. “'She can’t be dating a girl. She likes dick.'”

4. "'You’ll pick a side eventually.'"

5. "'Okay, but all women are a little bi.'"

6. “'Oh, good thing you’re in a het relationship! You don’t have to come out or tell ANYONE!' —my lesbian friend."

7. "This classic one when I date straight men... 'So? You're bi? You're up for a threesome?'"

8. "When I told my sister I was bi, I was 12, and she straight-up told me, 'You’re too young to date, so it doesn’t matter.'"

9. “'Oh, you’re bi? That means you like girls too, right?' *weird moan sound* 'That’s soooo hot.'"

10. "'Bisexuality isn't real. You only make out with women to turn men on.'"

11. "From a religious friend: 'Well, if you were with a woman, I'd say that wasn't God's plan for you, but you're married to a man, so...'"

12. "'You're not bi. You're married to a man.'"

13. "'You haven't dated a girl in a while. You can't say you're bi anymore.'"

14. "I was complaining to a couple of straight female coworkers about the lack of queer women at my job, which had a large queer male population. One of those coworkers asked if I was gay, and I responded that I was bi. She paused, thought about it, and responded, 'Well, I guess that counts.'”

15. "I had quite a few women tell me they’d never date me because I’m also attracted to men."

16. "I haven't come out to my parents as bi, but my mom is very homophobic and I remember at one point we were talking and she said bisexual people disgust her more than gay people."

17. "I'm a bi woman. ... I know some lesbians who will hate on straight people for being narrow-minded and in the next breath talk about how they could never be with a woman who was also attracted to men."

18. "I’m bi, and a guy from my high school once told me that I never needed to worry about being discriminated against because I could just ‘pick my straight half’ if I wanted to."

19. “'You have to have a threesome with your boyfriend, then you can decide if you like girls.' —my gay friend."

20. "Every man I’ve ever been with say I’m just gonna leave them for a women someday, or that they would be okay with me cheating with a woman as long as they could watch."

21. "Me: 'I'm bisexual.' Ignoramus: 'Nah, you're just greedy.'"

22. "After I came out as bi I was asked if I was more likely to cheat on my husband because (in their mind) I'd never be fully satisfied."

23. "I came out to my extended family, who are Christian fundamentalists, a couple years ago. Just this week my grandma brought over scripture (1 John 1) and asked me to be a non-practicing homosexual...when she knew I'd be home alone."

24. "I came out as bi over a year ago. My partner of 12 years came out as pan and genderqueer a few months ago. Their parents — who have known and cared for me for over a decade while we looked like a cishet couple — said recently that it's my 'fault' and I 'coerced' them into being queer."

25. “'How do you know you’re bisexual if you haven’t had sex with a guy?'"

26. "I got told that, 'So you're not actually bi, you're just bi-curious' because I hadn't slept with a woman."

27. "The worst stuff that I ever heard when I came out as bi was from older gay men who tried to pressure me into saying that I was gay, and [that] there is no such thing as bisexuality. It really messed with my mental health."

28. "I have gotten told that I'm too young to know I'm bisexual and that I will know my 'true self' when I am older."

29. "Dating a straight guy and telling them I'm bisexual: (...) 'So can I watch when you have sex with a woman?'"

30. "I am a bisexual girl, and the number of straight guys who have told me that I just need some dick when I have a girlfriend is way too many."

31. "I told one of my (straight) friends that I was bi, and she immediately asked, 'What girl do you have a crush on?'"

I'll just leave you with this:

"PSA: Bi people are ✨not ✨ 'confused' and it’s ✨ not✨ a 'phase.'"


Submissions have been edited for length/clarity.

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