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    39 Tweets That Are Honestly Just Way Too Relatable For No Real Reason

    If you don't do at least 10 of these things, I don't trust you.

    1. Send hahahahas of different lengths to make it seem more genuine:

    You have to send hahahahahas of different lengths or it will seem fake

    Twitter: @brianjoralvarez

    2. Or retype keyboard smashes or "sjsjsjdjs" because it doesn't look right:

    does anyone else sometimes retype their 'sjsjdjs' because the letters didn't seem to fit that well together or is it just me

    Twitter: @regalchim

    3. Hide our undergarments under our clothes at the doctor's office:

    Hmm yes I’m fully aware that the gynecologist is about to look inside my body but I’ll continue hiding my bra and underwear under my folded jeans thank you

    Twitter: @SamanthaaaReece

    4. Refuse to eat until Netflix loads:

    this is deadass me when im starving but I'm waiting for netflix to load so i can eat while watching my show

    Twitter: @faresdalloul

    5. Rewind a song back to the good part because someone talked to us when the best part was playing:

    When someone starts speaking to u but u just missed the best part or the song..

    Twitter: @celebrityurban

    6. Or start the song over completely because we weren't paying attention:

    Does anyone else restart songs coz they weren’t paying enough attention

    Twitter: @psluvangel

    7. Start speaking as soon as we sense a sex scene coming on while watching TV with our parents:

    my parents me trying to watching the sex distract them scene that came by telling them out of nowhere about my day

    Twitter: @cinedilf

    8. Get way too inspired and start planning entire career paths in the middle of the night:

    does anyone else get ideas for random career paths that they are in no way qualified for late at night or just me

    Twitter: @emilypacifier

    9. Get weird anxiety about going to a new place so you check the new place's tag on Instagram to see what people are wearing:

    Does anyone else go on the location tag on Instagram for the bar/restaurant you’re going to so you can see what everyone else wears to pick your outfit or is it just me hahahaha

    Twitter: @sashadeann

    10. Set alarms that are like eight minutes away just to get a few extra minutes of sleep:

    Twitter: @ashakiiii

    11. Have a bag full of plastic bags:

    Does anyone else have a plastic bag full of other plastic bags somewhere in their house, or is it just me?

    Twitter: @OfficialDadpool

    12. Spend our entire lives deleting emails rather than going through and unsubscribing from lists:

    hmm should I spend 2 seconds clicking unsubscribe or 1 second deleting an email from this company every single day for the rest of my life

    Twitter: @ben_rosen

    13. Buy a pair of athletic shorts at age 14 and somehow still end up with them 10 years later:

    why does no one tell you that when you pick out a pair of athletic shorts from tj maxx at fourteen yrs old, you are in fact making a decision that will last longer than any of your adult relationships

    Twitter: @dietz_meredith

    14. Feel super fancy eating a Ferrero Rocher:

    Twitter: @Will_Kellogg

    15. Look at ourselves during a Zoom call:

    Me on a Zoom call pretending I’m listening and not just looking at myself

    Twitter: @hannahtindle

    16. Refuse to see the cashier at the gas pump:

    gas pump: please see the cashier me: absolutely not

    Twitter: @Stevie_M0ntana

    17. Order food on a delivery app rather than drive/walk the five minutes to pick it up ourselves:

    Me waiting for GrubHub to deliver my $7 sandwich from 2 blocks away for $30

    Twitter: @timeimmemorial_

    18. Serve as the family's unofficial IMDb for every time your dad nudges your mom and goes, "where have we seen that actor before?":

    my family me explaining watching a where we've seen movie each actor before

    Twitter: @diegosknife

    19. Start getting a little too friendly on social media after a couple of drinks:

    Me 2 martinis in responding to all stories like they’re meant for me

    Twitter: @siobhanswrld

    20. Forget someone's name immediately after they introduce themselves:

    My brain to the name of the person that just introduced themselves to me

    Twitter: @theeRicoTaquito

    21. Pull out our phone to do something, then completely forget to do it:

    Does anyone else ever pull their phone out to check the time but then have to do it again cuz they forgot to actually look at the clock or am I just stupid

    Twitter: @sarahmaloneyxx

    22. Get our brains a little mixed up when it comes to acronyms:

    DKNY: is a fashion label my brain: donkey kong new york

    Twitter: @internetanja

    23. Like...for a lot of acronyms:

    me: [knows LMK = let me know] also me: lartin muther king

    Twitter: @PleaseBeGneiss

    24. Laugh uncomfortably at anything serious or sad:

    Twitter: @naomi_wilkins1

    25. Or add "lol" to the end of a serious text so it doesn't seem *too* serious:

    Does anyone else put lol at the end of every sentence just to make sure you don’t sound too serious or rude? lol

    Twitter: @RawBeautyKristi

    26. Feel like our entire day is taken up when we have one appointment:

    I hate how I am a “I have an appointment at 4pm so I can’t do anything all day” type of person

    Twitter: @AlexMarieMartin

    27. Or a couple errands to run:

    being an adult is having three errands & being like. well fuck this is going to be my whole day

    Twitter: @bobo_circus

    28. Say "big stretch!" when a cat or dog stretches in front of us:

    do you say “ooo big stretch” when your dog stretches or are you normal

    Twitter: @makaylaedwardss

    29. Smile at every dog we pass, but not the human:

    Does anyone else smile at dogs that walk past them or am I just a weirdo

    Twitter: @ge0rgial0uise

    30. Tell our pets we'll be back when leaving the house:

    Does anyone else tell their pets they’ll be back soon when leaving the house?🙄🤣

    Twitter: @Faithnco1016

    31. Save our appetite (probably too much) because we're SO excited for a certain meal:

    Does anyone else purposely not eat for ages when you know your getting a takeaway or going for dinner later so that you can be starving to get the maximum level of enjoyment when eating it ? or am I just weird :/

    Twitter: @jessfraserr1

    32. Stalk ourselves on Instagram after a crush or someone new follows us:

    does anyone else stalk through their own insta when someone new follows u so you can see exactly what they’re seeing??

    Twitter: @JessBelll1

    33. Get curious about a scary movie but get too scared to watch it, so just look up the plot on Wikipedia:

    Do u ever be like “damn that movie looks crazy. But its too scary.. ill just read the wikipedia.”?

    Twitter: @chancetherapper

    34. Watch cartoons after a scary movie:

    When u have to watch cartoons after a scary movie so you don't have nightmares

    Twitter: @Mikedopee

    35. Get "sun guilt":

    Does anyone else have sun guilt. Like if I’m not sat in the sun on a sunny day I feel so guilty and uncomfortable all day until I cave and sit in the sun lol

    Twitter: @megjacks_

    36. Convince ourselves our low balance is a mistake and check all our transactions only to find we're responsible for every one:

    when u look thru ur recent transactions tryin to find a mistake but theres no mistake cus it was u, it was all u

    Twitter: @mikewalker3000

    37. Stand naked outside the shower while we pick the perfect playlist:

    When you looking for the right track before you get in the shower

    Twitter: @BeatingHerUnder

    38. And then just lay down in your towel for like an hour after you get out:

    i probably have wasted so much time in my life just sitting about naked in a towel after a shower w no motivation

    Twitter: @neveeferguson

    39. And finally, pretend not to notice or count money or a check in a birthday card:

    *Opens Birthday Card* *Pretends not to notice money while reading the card*

    Twitter: @devondaigle9

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