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    25 Very Specific Experiences That Were Universally Terrifying If You Grew Up With Anxiety

    Nothing will ever beat the stress of listening for the beeps in those hearing tests.

    Hello, I'm Hannah, and I have anxiety!

    Back when I was little, I thought I was just ~shy.~ Nope! I was terrified of anything and everything!

    Whether you had anxiety growing up like me or just found certain situations anxiety-inducing, here are 25 posts I just found a little too relatable when it comes to anxiety.

    1. I know eye tests were supposed to help you, but I cannot tell you the anxiety that they gave me as a kid.

    2. And don't even get me STARTED on hearing tests.

    3. But the ultimate anxiety-inducing part of school was literally just having to speak in class.

    "#growingupshy: mentally preparing yourself just to say 'here' during roll call"

    4. My heart rate sped up as SOON as I heard icebreakers being introduced.

    #GrowingUpShy "we'll go around and everyone can say their name and something about themselves!"

    Twitter: @brittymase

    5. Presentations felt like a personal attack.

    #growingupshy Just hearing the word "presentation"

    Twitter: @darthzjm

    6. And if we had to read aloud??? I just KNEW I'd be stumbling over every word.

    in elementary school when we had to read to the whole class from a textbook i would count the kids in front of me so i could figure out what section i was reading so i could practice it before it got to my turn & that’s where my anxiety started

    Twitter: @jaeIeon

    7. I was good at school and all, but the anxiety that the teacher could pick me to answer a question at any given moment was actual torture.

    #growingupshy "the same people keep answering lets pick someone who hasnt raised their hand yet"

    Twitter: @soIemnIyswear

    Raise your hand if every report card said "I wish she'd speak up more in class." No thanks, I have anxiety!!

    8. Although nothing can beat the adrenaline rush that came after.

    "gets an adrenaline rush from contributing to class discussion"

    9. Speaking of class...why did my brain do this?

    brain: "u could scream right now. no one's stopping you. just open your mo-" me: "what the fuck why would i" brain, banging its fists on the table: "scream! scream! scream! scream!"

    10. Every kid with anxiety knows allll about leg bouncing in class.

    "stop bouncing ur leg" bro i have anxiety

    Twitter: @akrumxx

    11. So many coughs held in...that couldn't have been healthy...

    #GrowingUpShy when you're choking and need to cough again but you've already coughed twice

    Twitter: @WANDASWlTCH

    12. I used to do this EVERY DAY in study period.

    "Anyone else have that anxiety that your music is actually playing out loud so you constantly take off your headphones and listen just in case?"

    13. Mostly because I was watching Tangled on my iPod, which I did every day in study period. Why consume new media when you have your comfort film/show you watch every day?

    My therapist told me that most people with anxiety usually watch the same things/shows to relax because since you’ve seen the show before, it’s calming and reassuring because you’re already familiar. Do you find that to be true?

    Twitter: @5678matic

    14. Going through airport security is one of the most harrowing experiences an 8-year-old with anxiety can have.

    "me *walking through airport security*: act natural you're not a criminal"

    15. Though it's closely followed by your mom leaving you alone in the checkout line.

    when ur mom leaves u to wait in line at the grocery store & she hasnt gotten back yet when its ur turn #GrowingUpShy

    Twitter: @mattedward98

    When I go home for the holidays my mom STILL does this, and I STILL start to have heart palpitations, even though I have my own credit card now.

    16. And the first time I bought something without my mom of the most stressful experiences of my life.

    "does anyone else get really anxious when the cashier hands you change and you’re hurriedly putting it away in your wallet so that the next customer in line can proceed or is that just me"

    17. Oh, wait. Never mind. The most stressful experience of my life was every time my parents forced me to call a friend's house BY MYSELF if I wanted to make plans with a friend.

    Anyone else get anxiety when speaking on the phone or am I just weird

    Twitter: @kadymcdermottx

    Their dad would always pick up and I'd have to ask to speak with Alexa and they'd joke around like "who's Alexa?"...harrowing.

    18. And ordering takeout??? Still can't do it.

    #GrowingUpShy When your mom tells you that the only way you're getting food is if you go order it yourself.

    Twitter: @hansaz_

    Thank god for online ordering.

    19. Even hanging out with friends could be stressful.

    I will never understand why I get anxiety when someone asks to hang out with me even tho I enjoy their company and vice versa

    Twitter: @dewycheek

    Why am I still like this?

    20. I mean, at any moment you could say the wrong thing!!

    yall ever say something in conversation and it physically feels like you just chose the incorrect dialogue option in a visual novel

    Twitter: @tacodevourer

    21. Receiving stickers was always a joyful experience at first, but things would always soon take a turn.

    Does anyone else have sticker anxiety? Like you don’t wanna stick them anywhere cause what if it’s the wrong place? What if you stop using that thing and never see the sticker again?

    Twitter: @HiyaImMaya

    I ordered stickers for my laptop last year and I was literally sweating trying to decide where to put them. I knew I could move them but they would've lost their stickiness and maybe curled up on the sides and then I'd have wasted the sticker and AHHHHHHH.

    22. Public transport was really something else as a kid.

    "nothing makes me more nervous than my bus taking a different route then it normally does like???? where are u taking me ... I am naked and alone in this universe and no one is watching over me"

    23. There will never be an "oh shit" moment as bad as when your mom gets home and you realize you forgot to do an errand she asked you to do.

    24. I still do this.

    "Does anyone else with anxiety find themselves constantly googling the definition of different words? Even if I know the definition of the word, I still google it before I use it in conversation just in case I was wrong so I don’t look stupid."

    25. And finally...I think all anxious kids can relate to this.

    you weren’t a “well behaved” child you had anxiety and were terrified of conflict send tweet

    Twitter: @nehathemartian

    What experiences did you find super anxiety-inducing as a child? Let us know in the comments!