These Hilarious TikToks Point Out The Weirdest Things About Nature

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    Meet Lonnie Marts III, a 24-year-old from Jacksonville, Florida who has recently blown up on TikTok for his hilarious skits and amazing voice.

    People are loving the series of videos where he impersonates God and Gabriel planning the creation of all living things.


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    They're absolutely hilarious and I highly recommend you watch them.

    The skits are super zany and silly, featuring Lonnie as both God and the angel Gabriel.

    "God" is busy coming up with new ideas for animals and nature while poor Gabriel is just trying to cook.

    In the skits, Gabriel is increasingly flummoxed by God's suggestions for things like "saxophones that can swim" (seahorses) or "mushrooms mixed with cows" (giraffes). AKA animals that actually exist but, if you think about it, are really weird!


    Dont know why this one got taken down, so save it if you want it forever. ##fyp

    ♬ original sound - lonnieiiv

    Lonnie told BuzzFeed that he got the idea when he saw a tweet about God creating things. He wanted to practice his voice acting, so he decided to make videos on that theme while doing a "Morgan Freeman as God" impersonation.

    Sometimes in addition to Gabriel and God, he'll play other characters, such as the angel Michael or an intern. The range!


    God Squad Creating Kangaroos. ##fyp

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    The God/Gabriel cinematic universe is ever-expanding.

    The response has been huge — Lonnie currently has 1.1 million followers on TikTok, with the video below reaching 14.1 million viewers.

    Lonnie said that most of the responses have been really positive. "I think people enjoy the positive and 'family friendly' Disney Channel vibe of the humor...Also I've been told people really love the minimal level of production value but high quality ideas."

    While he gets a lot of comments suggesting new animals or ideas, he says he gets most of his ideas from joking around with his friends. In the future, however, he plans to use his Instagram to let people vote on what animal should be created next.

    While Lonnie hasn't had many people recognize him yet, he has heard from a number of college friends that their moms have been sharing his videos.


    And THAT, kids, is why the Parrot gets to live in Tropical Paradise all it’s life. 🏝🌞

    ♬ original sound - lonnieiiv

    Lonnie also does small gigs in voice acting. He's done about 1,000 recordings for clients and hopes to continue!

    He has an awesome voice, so here's hoping more people discover it through these videos!! Check him out at lonnieiiv on TikTok!