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    13 Side-By-Side Photos Of "The Wedding Planner" Cast Now And Then Since It's Officially Two Decades Old

    J.Lo just does not age.

    It's officially been 20 years today since rom-com classic The Wedding Planner came out.

    So in honor of the film's anniversary, I have compiled a list of all the actors then and now!

    1. Jennifer Lopez as Mary

    2. Matthew McConaughey as Steve

    3. Bridgette Wilson-Sampras as Fran

    4. Judy Greer as Penny

    5. Justin Chambers as Massimo

    6. Alex Rocco as Salvatore

    7. Joanna Gleason as Mrs. Donolly

    8. Charles Kimbrough as Mr. Donolly

    9. Kathy Najimy as Geri

    10. Frances Bay as Dottie

    11. Kevin Pollak as Dr. John Dojny

    12. Fred Willard as Basil St. Mosely

    13. And finally, Lou Myers as Burt