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What's The Best Slow-Burn Relationship On TV?

Gimme alllll the pining.

Sometimes, two characters meet, and right away there's a spark. They get together within a few episodes, and they have a beautiful love story.


But, because I'm apparently a masochist, I tend to prefer looooong, drawn out love stories FULL of pining. AKA, slow-burn relationships.

The CW

Like Stiles and Lydia on Teen Wolf. They started out as strangers, slowly became friends, and then fell in love.


Stiles always loved Lydia, but his love grew into something much deeper and more meaningful as he really grew a close friendship with her. And Lydia may have acted begrudging and a little sassy at times, but it was clear how much she cared about Stiles, and it was amazing to watch that care grow.

Or Oliver and Felicity on Arrow. Initially, Felicity seemed like a minor character, only to become a part of the Arrow team and grow closer and closer to Oliver, until they FINALLY became something more.

The CW

When Oliver had to "pretend" to love Felicity to fool Slade, I about lost it. It was so clear those two idiots already loved each other and yet they wouldn't admit it!

Or Eve and Villanelle on Killing Eve, who finally kissed this season after having one of the most interesting cat-and-mouse relationships on television.


I know their relationship (can you call it that?) is SO toxic and messed up, but...I still love watching it grow.

What's your favorite slow-burn relationship on TV? Let me know what it is and why it's so amazing in the comments below and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community article!