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Tell Us The Cleaning Hack You Wish You Knew As A Young Adult

For our readers (but mostly me).

Hi, I'm Hannah, and I hate cleaning!

I'm also bad at it...like, REALLY bad.

So I was wondering (not just for my sake, but for our readers!) if any of y'all have some life-changing cleaning tricks!

Maybe you won't stop raving about the capabilities of a certain product, like a super cheap drain snake you got at the dollar store or a certain spray:

Or maybe you know how to use everyday items, like toothpaste, to get out tough stains.

Maybe you know a foolproof way to get red wine out of a carpet.

Or a hack to avoid drain buildup in your shower, like soaking the drain in vinegar.

Whatever your genius cleaning hack is, let us know in the comments below and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community article!