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    17 Iconic Teen Movie Couples, Ranked By What Percent Chance They Actually Stayed Together After The Credits Rolled

    Some of these couples were NOT meant to go the distance.

    I am back to rate teen movie couples based on whether or not I think they stayed together! Below I have given scientifically calculated percentages for the likelihood that these couples stayed (happily!) together after the events of the film.


    Trust me. My percentages are never wrong.

    17. Bender and Claire from The Breakfast Club: 0%

    Universal Pictures

    They definitely had a hot fling for a bit, but no WAY did they end up together. He was SUCH a dick to her, and she didn't deserve that.

    16. Aaron and Cady from Mean Girls: 6%

    Paramount Pictures

    Cady and Aaron barely had one real conversation the whole movie. She only liked him because he was hot, and it was unclear why he liked her. Plus, he went off to college the next year! I doubt they stayed together past a few months of college.

    15. Sandy and Danny from Grease: 9%

    Paramount Pictures

    Sandy totally changed herself for Danny!!! Even if they did last, Sandy would've grown to resent him for this. She probably sang an epic breakup ballad and dumped his ass.

    14. Jake and Sam from Sixteen Candles: 13%

    Universal Pictures

    Like Mean Girls, this is another one where the characters really didn't know each other. AT ALL. Did they even have a conversation? I find it unlikely they stayed together, but since we really know nothing about them as a couple, it's hard to say.

    13. Austin and Sam from A Cinderella Story: 17%

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    They shared an emotional bond, but Austin was kind of a fuckboy and Sam deserved better. But they did go to the same college, so maybe they made it work there. I'm doubtful, though.

    12. Michael and Mia from The Princess Diaries: 22%

    Buena Vista Pictures

    I mean, we know from the sequel that they don't end up together, but ignoring that, I'd still give them a low score. Michael always just seemed kind of...blah to me, and I feel like Mia needed someone with more fire.

    11. Charlie and Sam from The Perks of Being a Wallflower: 30%

    Summit Entertainment

    They definitely stayed friends, but they never ended up together or seriously dated at all. I feel like Sam was Charlie's first love, but I don't think Sam ever loved Charlie romantically.

    10. Scott and Kate from John Tucker Must Die: 36%

    20th Century Fox

    They were nerdy-cute together, but I feel like in the end, they were too similar. I know it's bad, but...I still ship her with John!

    9. Todd and Olive from Easy A: 42%

    Sony Pictures Releasing

    I feel like they dated but it fizzled out, and when they went to college, that was just sort of it. Let's be real: This movie wasn't about them as a couple, and Todd wasn't that heavily featured! I mean, he was cool, but kind of laid-back for Olive.

    8. Monica and Quincy from Love and Basketball: 50%

    New Line Cinema

    Their love story spanned decades, and it felt like they were meant to be for so long, but...I just can't get over him cheating on her. I feel like this one's a toss-up — I'm not sure they made it work.

    7. Viola and Duke from She's the Man: 62%

    DreamWorks Pictures

    I love how they build their relationship on a friendship (and you're lying if you think Duke wasn't attracted to Sebastian, too), but it was also built on a lie. I do believe in them, but...I also think it's sort of a roll of the dice as to whether or not they made it long term.

    6. Patrick and Kat from 10 Things I Hate About You: 74%

    Buena Vista Pictures

    I really love them as a couple, and I want to believe they ended up together,'s high school, and we have no proof this truly lasted. Still, out of all the couples on this list, they rank pretty high in chemistry and compatibility!

    5. Mike and Scarlet from 17 Again: 82%

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    I TOTALLY got why Scarlet wanted a divorce. But after turning into a teenager and discovering that even if he could go back, he'd make the same decisions, Mike learned to truly appreciate his wife again. I'm pretty sure they lived happily ever after!

    4. Simon and Bram from Love, Simon: 87%

    20th Century Fox

    They were so cute and formed such a strong bond, even though it was mostly online. I think they were each other's first love for sure, but it's possible life got in the way and they both moved on. Still, I believe in them!

    3. Peter and Lara Jean from To All the Boys I've Loved Before: 99%


    I mean, come on. We have three movies to prove it! They have such a great bond and chemistry, and I'm obsessed with them.

    2. Gabriella and Troy from High School Musical: 100%

    Disney Channel

    If you've read my Disney Channel couples list, you already know where I stand on this one. It's 100% yes, these two are together forever, with beautiful singing and dancing Wildcat children.

    1. Matt and Jenna from 13 Going On 30: 1,000,000%

    Sony Pictures Releasing

    Okay, I know the main cast members are adults, but Jenna is still a teenager, so I'm counting it. Jenna really, truly loved Matty and just wanted him to be happy — so much so that she was able to let him go!!! And Matty was amazing from the start. They were perfect for each other!!

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