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    20 Of The Most Tragically Unnecessary Deaths From Teen Dramas

    My heart hurts.

    Character deaths always hit really hard, but they're especially sad in teen dramas, as most of the characters are just kids.*

    The CW

    *Even if the actors aren't.

    I normally prefer for characters to stay alive on shows, so I decided to make a list of the most unnecessary deaths on teen dramas.*

    The CW

    *Obviously, the most heartbreaking teen drama deaths are Fred Andrews and Finn Hudson, as the actors (Luke Perry and Cory Monteith) actually died in real life. I will not be including them on this list, but I couldn't *not* mention them.

    1. Allison from Teen Wolf


    Don't even get me started on this one. Allison did NOT need to die. She was such an amazing character and I hated that her story felt completely cut short!

    2. Maya from Pretty Little Liars

    ABC Family

    This death just came out of nowhere, especially because it really had nothing to do with A (who had just been unmasked!!). Maya was my favorite of Emily's girlfriends, and I was so sad they couldn't end up together. MAYA DESERVED BETTER THAN GETTING KILLED BY A CREEPY STALKER.

    3. Chris from Skins


    Chris was the most lovable little dum-dum on the show. All he ever wanted was to spend time with his friends and Jal. He was honestly the sweetest and just thinking about his death makes me cry.

    4. Freddie from Skins


    Freddie was a precious cinnamon roll who was too good for this world. (Why did they always kill off the most lovable characters on Skins?? ) I felt like we never got full closure from this!!

    5. Lexa from The 100

    The CW

    Her and Clarke's story was just beginning!! They both had so much to learn from each other. Lexa was such a badass character, and seeing her die was heartbreaking.

    6. Nora and Mary Louise from The Vampire Diaries


    I honestly thought these deaths were pretty pointless, especially after they'd done so much work to redeem the characters. It was also sad because Nora and Mary Louise were some of the only lesbian characters on The CW, and the network had just killed off Lexa. Do better, The CW!!!

    7. Jenna from The Vampire Diaries


    Jenna was just such a pure soul and she was so young! She did her best raising Jeremy and Elena after their parents (and her sister!!) died, even though she was young and unprepared. I felt so horrible for Elena and Jeremy, who lost yet another parental figure, and for Alaric, who lost yet another partner.

    8. Liz Forbes from The Vampire Diaries


    Liz was a great mom not just to Caroline but to all the teenagers on the show. She had a beautiful friendship with Damon, and she honestly served as the moral center of the show. It was horrible to watch her die so slowly from something non-supernatural, and Caroline's grief was utterly devastating.

    9. Grace from Skins


    Grace was the best character from the third generation. She was so much more kind and responsible than the other Skins characters, and I couldn't believe she died. Especially after Rich hallucinated her and we thought she was alright!!

    10. Marissa Cooper from The O.C.


    I still cannot believe that The O.C. killed off one of their main characters like that. The show was not the same after this. Marissa was honestly just done so dirty. #JusticeforMarissa

    11. Keith from One Tree Hill

    The WB

    Keith was such a good father figure to Lucas and his friends, and the scene where he tried to convince Jimmy to come with him was absolutely DEVASTATING. And then for Dan to let everyone think Jimmy killed Keith...NOT OK. Also, he never got to meet his daughter! :( :( :(

    12. Jimmy from One Tree Hill

    The WB

    Jimmy's death was just so sad, mostly because it was preventable. So many things happened that led to Jimmy bringing a gun to school and then eventually turning it on himself, and while the storyline was powerful, I think it would've been even better if we'd seen his recovery. The show had an opportunity to prove that things do get better, just like Keith told Jimmy they would, but instead Jimmy died and I was heartbroken.

    13. Adrian and Ben's baby from The Secret Life of the American Teenager

    ABC Family

    This was so shocking and devastating. I know Ben and Adrian weren't entirely prepared to be parents, but it was still horrible. It felt like the show just killed off their baby for shock value.

    14. Ellie from One Tree Hill

    The WB

    Poor Peyton went through so much. She'd already lost her adoptive mother, and then she met her birth mother, Ellie, who had cancer. Peyton knew Ellie wouldn't be in her life forever, but the fact that Peyton was the one to find her dead was heart-wrenching. Plus, Ellie never got to see the album she had made with Peyton!

    15. Jeff Atkins from 13 Reasons Why


    What a precious bb. He was the most unproblematic character on the show, and his death just felt completely unnecessary. He was such a good person and friend. JEFF ATKINS DESERVED SO MUCH BETTER.

    16. Jo from The Vampire Diaries

    The CW

    Poor Alaric really had a rough go of it. Literally ALL of his love interests (except Meredith) died. Jo was also an awesome character that really added to the show, and having her die in the middle of the happiest day of her life was ROUGH. I also felt like we barely had time to process her death before we were all crying over Elena.

    17. Midge from Riverdale

    The CW

    Look, I didn't necessarily feel that strongly about Midge as a character, but this death was just horrifying. I can't believe they killed off a character in the middle of the SCHOOL MUSICAL. No one deserves that.

    18. Buffy's mom Joyce from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    The WB

    It's always hard to see human characters die in supernatural shows, and Buffy's mom was no exception. The look on Buffy's face when she saw her mother's body still haunts me. Buffy already had to grow up so young!

    19. Tommy Kinkle from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina


    Tommy was such a good brother to Harvey, and he gave up so much for him. Him dying felt totally unnecessary and unfair — I truly thought Sabrina would be able to fix it, but she just made it worse. :(

    20. And finally, Quentin from One Tree Hill

    Quentin's death came out of left field!!! He had such an amazing character arc and affected the main characters' lives in so many ways. The episode after his death was one of the saddest One Tree Hill episodes ever, featuring Quentin's family and friends mourning. I was especially sad for Jamie, who had to deal with loss when he was really too young to understand it. The whole cape thing BROKE me.

    I think I've cried enough for today. Are there any more I missed? Let me know in the comments!

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