16 Taylor Swift Quizzes For Everyone Still Obsessed With "Folklore"

    Am I still listening to "betty" on repeat? Absolutely.

    Heads up: This is not a quiz! It's a list of Taylor Swift quizzes with links to each. Go forth with this knowledge!!

    1. Everyone's Personality Matches A Song From Taylor Swift's "Folklore" — Which One Is Yours?

    2. 23 Taylor Swift Songs Stand Between You And 100% On This Quiz

    "Name a Taylor Swift song that starts with the letter R" with a still from Taylor from Miss Americana where she says "Is it easy? No"

    3. Can You Name More Than 25 Taylor Swift Songs?

    4. Taylor Swift Has 8 Studio Albums — Can You Match Each Song To Its Album?

    5. "You Belong With Me" Came Out 10 Years Ago, And There's No Way You Still Remember All The Lyrics

    6. If You've Seen Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me" Music Video At Least 3 Times You Should Pass This Quiz

    two stills from "You Belong With Me" — her holding up the notebook (the words are erased) through the window and when she drives up as the mean girl with brown hair

    7. Do You Actually Know The Difference Between Taylor Swift And History's Greatest Poets?

    Taylor at the Billboard Music Awards and a still from SNL of a girl reading poetry

    8. We'll Give You Some Lyrics From Taylor Swift's "Folklore" And You Tell Us Which Song It's From

    9. Can We Guess Your Relationship Status With These Questions About Taylor Swift's Album "Folklore"?

    10. Everyone's Personality Matches One Of The Scenes From Taylor Swift's "Cardigan" Music Video — Which One Are You?

    two stills from "cardigan" — one with Taylor at the moss-covered piano and one where she opens the piano and it's glowing

    11. Are These Real Taylor Swift Lyrics Or Did I Make Them Up?

    12. Choose A Taylor Swift Song From Each Of Her Albums And We'll Tell You How Many People Are Secretly In Love With You

    14. Choose A Bunch Of Breakup Songs And We'll Give You A "Folklore" Song To Listen To

    15. If You Ace This Taylor Swift Album Quiz Then You're A Swiftie Through And Through

    16. And finally, Everyone Has A "Folklore" Song That Matches Their Personality — Tell Us Your Disney Preferences And We'll Reveal Yours

    a still from "cardigan" with Taylor at the moss-covered piano and a still from Peter Pan with Peter holding Wendy