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    Taika Waititi Just Trolled Us All By Suggesting Tony Stark Is Still Alive

    God, I wish this was real.

    For those of you who don't know, Taika Waititi is currently hosting an Instagram live watch party of Thor: Ragnarok, the Marvel film he directed.*

    Near the beginning of the livestream, he decided to troll us all by teasing Miek's "new design" for the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder film, which he will direct. However, fans noticed something...strange under the design.


    And by something strange, I mean a fake script for the film. And not only that – a fake script where Tony Stark comes back to life!!

    The fake Love and Thunder script starts with lots of smoke and Thor saying, "Do'th mineth eyeth deceiveith me?"* The smoke clears and he sees Tony Stark, who utters the iconic first line "WAZZZUUUUURRRP!"

    They hug and Thor asks how Tony is back. Tony explains, "Science," then informs Thor that Thanos is back.

    Tony activates his suit, which now has decals for every nation on Earth. He informs Thor that they will from then on be known as "The Avengererers."

    Now, he's clearly trolling us all. I mean, Tony is definitely dead...right?

    Check out Taika's Instagram for more! He's had Tessa Thompson and Mark Ruffalo on, and he's revealing a couple teasers for Love and Thunder.

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