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27 Behind-The-Scenes Facts That Are So Pure And Wholesome, You'll Want To Send Them To Your Mom

Stan Lee was literally the purest human.

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1. The opening airport scene of Love Actually featured real couples genuinely embracing.

2. Carrie Fisher's dog has a cameo in The Last Jedi.

3. And Michael Bay also gave his dog a cameo in his film_ Pearl Harbor. _

4. Director James Gunn put his own parents in a quick cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and named them "weird old man" and "weird old man's mistress" in the credits.

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5. In a kind of silly cameo, Truman Capote briefly appears in _Annie Hall _as a guy who looks like Truman Capote in the park.

6. Zootopia writers Jared Bush and Phil Johnston and producer Clark Spencer cast Kristen Bell in a bit role as a sloth in _Zootopia _because of her famous Ellen segment obsessing over sloths.

7. Voice actor James Hong's father owned a noodle shop when Hong was growing up, which Hong used to work in as a kid. Filmmakers reportedly used this info in Kung Fu Panda, and made Hong's character, Mr. Ping, own a noodle shop that his son works in!

8. According to a DVD featurette, Paris Hilton was nervous to scream in her House of Wax death scene, so she asked the crew to join her — they obliged.

9. The Rock's character in Moana, Maui, had his appearance partially modeled on The Rock's grandfather, Samoan wrestler Peter Maivia. Maivia was known for his tribal tattoos, much like the ones Maui has in the movie.

10. The _What We Do in the Shadows _commentary revealed that they cast a woman they found in a real retirement home as Katherine. The woman, Ethel Robinson, who was thrilled to be included in the film, had fangs put in her dentures.

11. Mary Gibbs was only 2.5 years old when she started recording for_ Monsters Inc._ — to get her lines, director Pete Docter chased her around the studio with a mic and recorded things she said. According to Gibbs, if they wanted her to say something specific, they'd use a Cookie Monster puppet to talk to her.