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    Everyone Is Pointing Out The Exact Same Thing About Eleven's Hair In The New "Stranger Things 4" Teaser

    Joyce, is that you??

    Welcome! Let's get right to it. The highly anticipated Season 4 of Stranger Things FINALLY has a release date — well, sort of. It's more like a release year.


    That's right, folks! Stranger Things will return in 2022. And to hype us up for the news, they've released a new teaser.

    uʍop ǝpᴉsdn ǝɥʇ uᴉ llɐ,ʎ ǝǝs Stranger Things returns in 2022.

    The teaser is mostly made up of old clips and flashbacks we've seen in previous teasers, but the end shows a couple new things. Like Hopper with a flamethrower looking ready to kick ass and take names.


    Hopper seemed to die at the end of Season 3, but it's since been confirmed that he is the American the Russians were holding hostage in the very last scene.

    There's also a clock chiming in the trailer — a past teaser opened with a clock, and when the season was first announced, there was a clock pictured in the Upside Down.


    We also see some sort of fire/car crash...


    Is that Will walking away from it???

    Steve looking for something underwater...


    Some cheerleaders...


    The kids up to something again...


    And, most notably, El being held back by these two official-looking guys.


    Now, it's this last image that's really caught people's attention. People are noticing just a *small* (okay, huge) similarity in El and Joyce's hairstyles.


    You'll remember that El moved away with Will and Joyce at the end of Season 3 — which means it's pretty darn likely Joyce gave El this haircut.

    joyce cutting el’s bangs bonding scene secured

    Joyce's hair has always been an iconic shag, but she really found her perfect style last season, and it looks like El's copying her look.

    Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

    Tell me those bangs are not exactly the same.

    This is significant because El's hair has also very much signified where she's at in the series.

    Jackson Lee Davis/©Netflix / courtesy Everett Collection

    Season 1 saw her with a shaved head due to the experiments done on her, then briefly with a wig, which made her feel like a "normal" girl. Season 2 saw El with more wild hair, symbolizing the newfound freedom she had — except for the episode when she traveled to Chicago and met Kali, and came back with her hair slicked back. Season 3 saw her start to embrace some '80s styles, especially as she became friends with Max. I think it's safe to assume that this haircut signifies an even larger influence Joyce has on El's life in Season 4.

    But that's not the only part of the quick teaser people are breaking down. Everyone's also stoked to see Hopper back...

    THE RETURN OF THE KING! #StrangerThings4

    ...As well as the kids...

    Twitter: @wheelerpaladin

    Notably, neither El nor Will are with them — they moved with Joyce at the end of last season.

    ...and Robin with the gang!!

    Robin being with the group is very important to me this morning #StrangerThings

    As well as Nancy looking pretty darn badass.

    Though some are definitely worried about this car crash/fire scene...

    im not saying this is joyce’s pinto on fire but. what if it’s joyce’s pinto on fire

    Twitter: @ohtobeinIove

    ...I guess we'll just have to wait until 2022 to see what it all means!!! I'm already counting down the days. Until then, check out everything else we know about the season here!