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    People Shared The Best Skincare Tips They've Learned And Y'all, I'm Taking Notes

    Break out that sunscreen!

    Recently we asked the BuzzFeed Community to share helpful skincare tips and common misconceptions. Here are some of the best!

    Note: Everyone's skin is different, and these skincare tips won't work for everyone!

    1. What you eat can affect your skin.

    2. But drinking a lot of water? Probably not going to affect your skin.

    3. I know you've probably heard it a million times, but seriously — don't pop your pimples.

    a man popping a pimple

    4. Sunscreen is the most important skin product you can use.

    5. But besides sunscreen, retinol is probably the most important and useful product.

    retinol serums

    6. Be very careful about what "natural" ingredients you use — especially essential oils.

    a woman holding a serum

    7. And try to stay away from fragrance-heavy skincare.

    8. In fact, if you have sensitive skin, stick with a super simple cleaner, like Dove's unscented sensitive skin bar soap.

    9. Your pores don't change size.

    10. Just because a product is expensive doesn't mean it's good.

    11. Don't try to do at-home treatments like microneedling — leave that to the professionals.

    A woman rolling something over her cheek

    12. Dish soap may be great for cleaning oil off animals, but it's not great for cleaning oil off your skin.

    a bird being washed in soapy water

    13. In fact, just don't use products that strip down your natural oils at all.

    14. Along those lies: moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Even if you have oily skin.

    a woman rubbing moisturizer on her face

    15. Be careful with DIY and all-natural treatments from TikTok and Pinterest, since they aren't developed by doctors.

    an oatmeal and honey mixture

    16. When struggling with your skin, it's always best to just go to a dermatologist. You might have an entirely different problem than the one you think you're dealing with.

    17. But if you do go to a dermatologist or try treatments, don't go in with the expectation of looking like a celebrity.

    J.Lo touching her face in a skincare commercial

    18. Stick to a regimen.

    19. And finally, keep it simple!

    Got any other helpful tips for people? Let us know in the comments!

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length/clarity.