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    27 Romantic Kids Show Moments That We Freaked Out Over As Kids

    Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable are soulmates and no one can tell me otherwise.

    TV couples became my life in high school and college.* Damon and Elena, Stiles and Lydia, Captain Hook and Emma Swan...But I was shipping couples and fangirling over all their moments WAY before Cheryl and Toni.

    The CW

    *No, I didn't have a life! Thanks for asking!

    Here are just a few of the cute and romantic moments that literally had me running around the living room screaming as a kid:


    No one did slow burn couples like kids shows.

    1. When Phil ran back from the time machine to say goodbye to Keely on Phil of the Future:

    Phil telling Keely he didn't want to leave without saying goodbye for real, then kissing her
    Disney Channel


    2. When Kim was being controlled by a brain chip and kissed Ron on Kim Possible:

    Disney Channel

    When Ron's eyes close and you just know he loves her...*sigh*.

    3. And then they finally got together during So the Drama:

    Ron and Kim dancing at prom
    Disney Channel

    When the crowd starts clapping after Bonnie announces they're dating...I cry every time.

    4. When Jimmy and Cindy lived in bliss on a desert island for a bit on Jimmy Neutron:

    Jimmy and Cindy holding hands

    They were so much happier there! Also, the island house they made was SO COOL.

    5. When Chase sent Zoey a text saying he loved her and then it fell in the fountain on Zoey 101:

    textmate screens showing a message from Chase to Zoey that says "The message was...I love you"

    The Spring Break episode of Zoey 101 was ICONIC. Chase spent the whole episode trying to stop Zoey from seeing the message, and at the end you think she finally will โ€” AND THEN IT FALLS IN THE FOUNTAIN TO BE LOST FOREVER. It ripped my heart out.

    6. When Logan was consoling Quinn over her breakup with Mark, put her glasses back on her, and then they kissed on Zoey 101:


    Logan and Quinn were the most unexpected couple, which made them the best couple.

    7. When Aang and Katara kissed in the cave on Avatar: The Last Airbender:


    I SQUEALED when I first saw this scene. I was a big Kataang shipper back in the day.

    8. And when Katara touched Zuko's scar on Avatar: The Last Airbender:


    Despite being a Kataang shipper, this moment really got me feeling Katara and Zuko. Honestly, we were robbed of a Katara/Zuko relationship.

    9. When Miley and Jake tried to get the other to admit they had a crush on Hannah Montana:

    Miley says "Admit it, Jake, you like me." Jake replies, "No, you like me, just say it!"
    Disney Channel

    I was OBSESSED with this couple. "Douchey pretty boy meets the one girl who isn't impressed by him" is my favorite trope.

    10. And then after they got together, when Miley told Jake she was Hannah Montana:

    Miley putting on her wig saying "I'm Hannah Montana" to Jake, who looks shocked
    Disney Channel

    The biggest cliffhanger of all time. I was so upset they couldn't make it work :/

    11. When Cory and Topanga first kissed on Boy Meets World:


    I think Cory and Topanga were all of our blueprints for first love.

    12. When Gordo comforted Lizzie and called her pretty on Lizzie McGuire:

    Lizzie says a boy likes someone prettier, smarter, and more fun than her. Gordo says she can't be because no one is more pretty and fun than Lizzie
    Disney Channel

    If this reboot happens and Lizzie and Gordo do not end up together, I will cry.

    13. When Chase and Zoey both tried traveled across the world to find each other on Zoey 101:

    Chase asks Zoey over video chat if she's in love with him. She says she thinks she could be, and that's why she came back to PCH


    14. And then they FINALLY reunited and kissed:


    The most satisfying moment of my childhood.

    15. When Derek reminded Casey he was only her stepbrother on Life with Derek:

    Caset tells derek he's the most annoying brother. He reminds her he's her step-brother and she says "same difference." He says "Yeah...alright..."
    Disney Channel

    I'M SORRY, YOU KNOW I HAD TO INCLUDE THIS. They were DEFINITELY more than stepsiblings and we all knew it (as did the actors!!). They weren't related, guys!

    16. When Jenny kissed Brad on the cheek to say goodbye on My Life as a Teenage Robot:


    I know she's a robot, but you're lying if you weren't rooting for these two to be together.

    17. When Sam finally showed Freddie she liked him on iCarly:

    Freddie tells Sam, "Look, I know it's scary for you to put your feelings out there...But you never know what might happen if you don't-" then she kisses him

    Honestly, go Sam!

    18. And he eventually showed her back!

    Sam says "You want to humiliate me on the web in front of millions of people, go ahead and just do it. I don't care. Get back at me for all the mean things I'veโ€”" then Freddie kisses her

    Gotta love the "kissing to shut someone up" trope. Also...why does Spencer look so bored in the background?

    19. When Cindy and Jimmy switched bodies and imagined kissing on Jimmy Neutron:


    Cindy and Jimmy were the original OTP.

    20. When Gordo and Lizzie danced together after no one invited him to the dance on Lizzie McGuire:

    Disney Channel

    MY HEART <3

    21. When Sam and Danny kissed TWICE for ~plot reasons~ on Danny Phantom:

    Their whole "fake out make out" tactic was TOTALLY just because they wanted to make out. And then they still didn't admit their feelings for each other!!

    22. And when Ember cast a love spell on Danny to make him fall for Sam, and Sam had to kiss Dash to break his heart so he'd fight Ember:

    Danny says &quot;you and Dash? But me and you..&quot; then realizes Ember tricked him. Sam says it&#x27;s hard because she liked them being together, and Danny goes off to fight Ember

    "A PART OF ME REALLY LIKED THIS" โ€” she was so in love.

    23. When Ned kissed Moze, thinking she was Suzie on Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide:

    Ned yells Suzie then as Moze turns he kisses her

    And then they kissed AGAIN on the bus to "prove" it meant nothing. Classic.

    24. And finally got together in the rose garden on their field trip:


    It was always so satisfying when the two characters you've been rooting for finally ended up together in the end.

    25. When Rosalina overheard Nat saying he loved her on The Naked Brothers Band:


    This show was such a gem and "Rosalina" was a bop.

    26. And finally, when Eddie came back to kiss Raven after deciding to stay friends on That's So Raven:

    Disney Channel

    And they both claimed they "felt nothing." SURE, JAN.

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